Saundersfoot Food Festival

15 Jul

Held 27th – 28th February.

I attended on the Saturday and was disappointed first of all by the lack of signage on my drive from Ceredigion through to Saundersfoot. In fact it wasn’t just a lack of signs, the first sign I saw was on the side of a large hotel looking onto the festival site in the car park by the harbour!!! I understood that Welsh Assembly Government supported Food Festivals should have twenty stalls there, but I only counted 14 food plus craft and a catering van outside.

I’m not surprised that many food producers did not have a busy weekend and can only hope that next year there is far better signage and publicity to let locals and visitors alike know there is something happening in Saundersfoot. Our artisan food producers deserve much more support if they are to survive.  

I took the trouble to pass my views onto WAG Food and some 6 weeks later received this official response:

Statement on Saundersfoot Festival

The Welsh Assembly Government provides funding for some food festivals but is not responsible for the day-to-day management of these festivals. The level of funding provided differs from festival to festival and each application is dealt with on a case by case basis. An independent evaluation exercise into those festivals funded by WAG is already underway to highlight the effectiveness, value and merits of each festival which will continue into 2011.

Millar Research have got the job of monitoring all 52 festivals this year and into next year. I have no idea exactly how much this excercise is costing WAG, but I have heard that it’s an ‘obscene amount’! For now all we can hope is that their feedback is constructive and helpful, because these festivals are very important to showcase the wonderful products we have here in Wales.   


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  1. Jo & Tony Knight

    July 15, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    I was on my way back from attending the St David’s Day Market in Pembroke when I noticed a banner advertising the Saundersfoot Festival. I was disappointed as prior to that I had no idea the event was on – & I’m a food producer. So I decided to go & see for myself what the festival was like.

    It was a beautiful day & the little seaside town was bustling…but could I find the Festival? No. There was no signage – not that I could see anyway – to illustrate where the Festival was being held. After driving around the town several times I gave up in frustration & made my way home. I feel sorry for the traders who did give up their time to attend; I hope that other customers did actually find & enjoy the Festival & make it worth everyone’s while.

    For my part I’d relish supporting the event & having a stall in such a lovely place, next year…IF it is properly advertised & signposted.