‘Taste Dolgellau’

18 Oct

On Saturday I took a day out to travel north and visit a ‘Taste Dolgellau’. I had a look at their website during the week and thought it was a type of food festival, but I’d got it wrong. However, on the drive up north, I called into Aberystwyth as I had forgotten the Farmers Market was on. I haven’t been there for such a long time and it was good to see some of our Best of Welsh producers supporting this market. It was reasonably busy whilst I was there and hopefully the local people will continue to give the producers their regular support in the coming months.

I popped into Caesar’s for coffee, which is one of my favourite places and is also conveniently placed alongside the market in North Parade. Caesar’s is a really friendly place with a great food selection, much of it local – and they offer great value for money too. I had a quality mocha coffee, biscuit and service with a smile for just £1.30. Last week I was in Neath for the food festival and in another café I was charged £2.50 for just the same thing, no sorry it wasn’t the same thing – the smile and quality was missing!

Anyway back to Dolgellau, I spotted a banner going into the town which was good, but when I had parked up, I was puzzled as I wasn’t sure if anything was happening, I thought there would be tradestands there, but there weren’t any. So  after wandering around I called into a café by a very empty car-park, that had a poster for ‘Taste Dolgellau’ in their window and asked them where the foodie event was being held.  Well they thought it started on Sunday, but they meant the regular farmers market and then one of the waitresses said she knew they were foraging at Graig Wen, so that wasn’t much help. Next stop was the Tourist Information Centre, but the door was locked although there was a light and people inside. Eventually the TIC gentleman manning it came out and said I couldn’t go in it was now his 30 min lunch break and he’d open again at 1.00pm. The couple trying to follow me in, walked away unimpressed, but I delayed his break even further by asking about the food event and he did then give me a booklet. I found the other couple and explained what was happening at the TIC but as they were visitors it certainly didn’t give them a good impression of Dolgellau.

‘Taste Dolgellau’  – I had the concept totally wrong, it was a weekend of events featuring local food in cafes, hotels, B&Bs and activities in this very beautiful area with stunning Snowdonia scenery. And yes the farmers amrket was being held that Sunday.

I do congratulate those involved in putting on this event, it must have taken a great deal of organisation, but my feeling is that restaurants, holes and cafes shouldn’t just be showcasing local food for this event and I really do hope that is not the case and this was meant to promotoe the area too. It is so important that local food should be on every menu, every day and giving customers a more information, not just say Welsh bacon and sausage – say who has supplied your bacon and sausage. We must remind local people and impress our much needed visitors  the amazing array of local produce that we are fortunate to have on our doorstep – we really cannot afford the keep our superb local food a secret.

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