Chefs At Food Festivals

18 Oct

Most food festivals have invite ‘celebrity’ chefs to do cooking demonstrations and there is no doubt how very popular they are, drawing really good audiences. Now I know may of the chefs aren’t a cheap addition to an event by any means, but what I think should be insisted on is that the chefs must cook using produce from the producers taking tradestands at the event. To my mind it is not just common sense it is only fair. The producers are the ones paying to attend, so what better way to help their sales and encourage visitors to then purchase, than by watching these talented chefs cook produce from the festival tradestands. I don’t want to witness that the chef teams have already done their shopping before they arrive at the festival, especially when they are patronising the big four supermarkets. There is absolutely no excuse for this going on. I want to see our chefs buying as much as possible from the festivals themselves and when that is really impossible I still want them to buy Welsh. The chefs above all should be really getting behind our producers much much more. 

I’d also say to producers that when you see these chefs wandering around the festivals, shout them over to your stand, tell them what you are producing and ask if you can help them  or maybe supply their hotel or restaurant, it’s not being pushy, it’s simply being proactive – and in these tough trading times it’s what we all must do to help our food industry survive and grow.         


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