Press Office Under Pressure……….

29 Oct

welshfoodbites seems to be causing a stir in the Welsh Assembly Governmet, WAG Press Office. It appears the Press Office haven’t time to answer questions for welshfoodbites.

Last week, I was asked by the Press Office to go through them with any queries relating to WAG, rather than going to any WAG officials directly.

This week, I have been asked whether my queries are for Welsh Country magazine or for    Well this rather puzzled me, did this means that there were two different answers to a question? Well according to Press Office, that’s not quite the case. If my questions are meant for – then the Press Office will not answer them. Officially the Press Office haven’t time to answer questions for a blog and also say they if it’s for a blog they don’t have the option to respond. When I disagreed and explained that they were allowed to comment and it was easy to do so, the response was that Civil Servants are not allowed to respond to a blog.  Apparently if Civil Servants give me a statement for Welsh Country magazine, or I make an incorrect comment about WAG in print, I’m legally obliged to publish it again, correctly, if asked by them to do so. But as far as www.welshfoodbites is concerned, I’m not allowed any answers. 

Well I’m a journalist and part of my job description is to ask questions and…………………… listen to the answers. So in future if I do want answers for www.welshfoodbites then I will not waste further time going through the Press Office, I’ll use other means………………………..

If you have any thoughts or views on this or any other food matter(s) – I’d love to hear them. I promise they will not be published by me anywhere unless requested to do so.


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  1. fed-up

    February 18, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Press Office under pressure
    let them come and work a month with a food producer with no money in the bank guaranteed at the end of the month. I they have any brain power they will then learn what real pressure is

    how rude to fob off anyone with such a worn out excuse – especially someone working so hard to push welsh food
    if the likes of welsh country weren’t doping such a good job – and they don’t get any funding either – the press office wouldn’t be half as busy would they?

  2. web girl

    February 25, 2011 at 11:00 am

    you don’t need Wag
    if they can’t be bothered to you fully informed as a professional journalist then they shouldn’t be paid with our money for doing that job – it’s a scandal
    I agree with fed-up this Press office have no idea of pressure or stress send them out to work with producers on a wet rainy saturday doing a framers market when hardly anyone turns up and you haven’t made enough to pay your stand fee let alone your diesel
    they have a cushy life but in theory work for us, don’t they?

  3. jenny

    February 28, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Press Office under pressure – what a poor joke
    let me come and work with our family outside in all weathers and they”ll quickly learn what hard work is.
    how rude of them but actually who cares whether they wish or are able to give a statement or not – certainly not me
    I don’t rate them at all but did think that a Press office was there to help anyone working in the media?
    Guess that’s something else I have wrong …………………….