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Brecon Food Festival – 2nd October

04 Oct

It’s quite a few years since I have been to this festival, but a drive through the Beacons is always a good incentive to visit Brecon. Although parking is never easy in Brecon, there were quite a few signs going into Brecon, which was a bonus. But walking up from the Theatre, I followed a couple who were at a loss as to where the food festival was actually being held, so maybe a few posters, plackards, banners on the edge of town might help. I didn’t think there were as many people about as there used to be, which was very disappointing, maybe the wet start to the day and the Ryder Cup kept visitors away.

Anyway it was a good opportunity to catch up with some of our Best of Welsh & Borders producers, it’s always a bonus to get their feedback on festivals they have attended and general chat about trade in general – yes ok, maybe gossip covers it! I wasn’t happy to see the Unusual Food Company at the far end of a marquee, mainly giving out literature out, but it was part of a Green Event. I understand the company was late booking, but even so it would have been sensible just to site them at the other end, so at least they have been nearer the coffee machine and the public seating area.     

I also bumped into one of Welsh Country’s friends – the BBC’s weatherman Derek Brockway and newsreader Sian Lloyd. The pair had been invited to do some cooking later in the day, but it was a good chance again  – to have a gossip. I’ve not met Sian before, so it was good to chat and an opportunity for me to arrange to set up a time for an interview, so you can look forward to an ‘Under The Spotlight’ in a future issue. Derek and Sian hadn’t eaten so I had to send them over to Samosaco, the only samosa factory in Wales. Last week at Narbeth they tempted me with a delicious lunch and on Saturday they were trialling a new line – naan with mixed vegetables and daal, or naan with mutton curry and daal and what a treat that was. By early afternoon, the new line had sold out, so it wasn’t just me that had good taste. I’m sure we’ll see that becoming a regular product for them.  

Kid Me Not, from Carmarthenshire seemed very busy and as I love their goats cheese and fudge, that was a must-stop too! I was so pleased to here that their fudge was going very well down tat the Ryder Cup. Great that our American visitors have good taste too, even if they not very astute about buying weatherproof clothing that works here in Wales!!

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