2011 Food Festivals

20 Jan

I took a telephone call yesterday from a food producer who was planning his festival programme for this year and wanted me to supply him with a list of Welsh Assembly Goverment,  WAG (Food) supported festivals. He was surprised that I hadn’t got one. But I explained that if I’d got one within 24 hours he’d have had it too! I told him that I of course had to wait for the official listing from WAG (Food) and that didn’t usually happen until our M/April issue. Things changed last year as WAG (Food) weren’t supporting us with their 2-page advertorial as they had in 2008 & 2009, so when we received the listing it was put up on We did though circulate the festival listing to all our Best of Welsh & Borders, (BOW).

As the food producer was one our BOW, of course I wanted to help and offered him the contact details of the person responsible in WAG (Food), but he thought he’d be wasting his time and left it to me to email WAG (Food) for an update. I did know that the regular  Festival Organisers meeting was being arranged by WAG (Food), but I had not yet been told when this was scheduled.

I could only sympathise with this producer for trying to get organised. I reminded him that the only festival news that I was aware of was: Llanwrtyd Wells not going ahead, a new festival for Newcastle Emlyn in June and Really Wild Festival moving to July, but of course he already knew about those festivals as we’d circulated this news to our BOW producers as soon as we’d been informed.


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  1. Welsh Food addict

    January 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    I’m gutted that Llanwrtyd Wells is not going ahead I have been going there for years. The food was so good and I could stock up on Caroline’s bread, local beers, scrummy cakes – the choice was so good.
    I’d love to know now when the festivals are on as I have to book time off as I’m a shift worker. No idea why this list is not ready now. I guess I’ll keep coming back here – it’s a great site.

  2. Producer - homemade in Wales

    January 26, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    I have dealt with Kath quite a bit over the last few years. With her hard-working team, she deservse our sincere thanks for the work they do for Welsh producers and Welsh food. I knew they worked hard for us by the number of emails we get through and the number of festivals and markets we see them at. But I didn’t realise until last night reading through a great deal of her blog, just how much she and her team have done for local food.
    I’m puzzled that WAG Food haven’t embraced Welsh Country magazine with open arms – it’s a fantastic publication and we are so lucky to have it. I’ve read somewhere on the blog that WAG reduced their advertising support for Welsh Country last year, but for the life of me I can’t understand why. Unless of course Kath was telling them too many home truths – which is never a good way to deal with WAG – you can only use that approach with grown-ups!!. I was so sorry this had happened but then very, very, angry, because surely this should be without doubt a venture WAG should support. Because after all you are supporting us in a manner we have never known before – maybe that’s why you are not flavour of the month or should it be year?
    I’d like to give you guys a medal ………made in Wales of course. Diolch

  3. Sian

    February 22, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I haven’t a clue how media works but I am with Welsh Country as a Best of Welsh producer. I cannot rate highly enough what a good job these people do.
    I get so much information from them about what is haapening and if information is not availlable, then you can guess it is Wag dragging their feet. I didn’t realise that Wag had withdrawn their support for Welsh Country in 2010, but I’ve checked some old copies I can see when it happened. The reason I didn’t pick it up before was it’s discreetly tagged advertorial – clever that!
    I cannot accept that their decision was based on budget cuts. I think Wag have pulled their support and by doing so are proving themselves childish and peevish. Wag should look at value for money when they spend our money and I think they are just pathetic. No other magazine or newapaper in Wales give us producers so much support, so for Wag to pull their support from this magazine is pulling your support from us too. Wag grow-up – put a businesshead on – you really do need it – and stop biting the hands that are trying to help you.

  4. Welsh Silver Surfer

    February 24, 2011 at 11:38 am

    I didn’t realise that Wag had pulled much of their advertising support for Welsh Country last year.
    How could they?
    To say budget cuts is a soft excuse and it’s a huge sadness that Wag haven’t got the ability to work out what a huge job this publication is doing for our industry
    Their action is petty and pathetic.
    I trust they will re-think this year and I’d be tempted to raise this matter with the Rural Minister and I’m surprised that kath hasn’t done so. .

  5. honey man

    February 24, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    As Wag have pulled their funding in 2010, doesn’t it prove that they have no idea, or don’t care, how much this magazine does for the Welsh food sector?
    If Wag should be supporting any media it should be these people.
    Budget cuts – what rubbish, I think that’s an excuse and to fob them off and I think it’s a shambles

  6. admin

    February 24, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Welsh Silver Surfer
    Thanks for leaving your comment – greatly appreciated
    Just wanted to say that I actually did raise the question with Elin Jones about Wag reducing their support for us in February 2010, I think it was with the budget cut reason. She didn’t seem concerned, saying that advertising was always cut first. Despite my explaing we gave them more than advertising on two pages, she said cuts had to be made. So not a support for us I’m afraid.