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20 Jan

I’d just like you to be aware that Wales as a country is being excluded from this campaign, as the promotion is being focused on England.  

In early January I received the Press Release – published below – from Organic Centre Wales. Our team contacted Haygarth to find out what they were doing about this campaign in Wales. Well it was a brief conversation and told us that the campaign would be run in national titles only; the decisions had been made and would not be changed.  

OCW have been informed of this response and they wanted to know more. I’m delighted to say they were true to their word, they contacted Haygarth themselves but they are hitting the same brick wall that we hit. It now appears that OCW may consult organic producers in Wales to see if they feel excluded by this decision of Haygarth’s which would give them ammunition to argue the case more strongly.

If this causes you concern can I suggest that you contact OCW directly or make comments through welshfoodbites. If you can spread the word to other organic producers that would be very useful. I’m sure many of you will be as indignant as I am that Wales appears to have been ignored despite Welsh funding and Welsh producers themselves having put money into this scheme. I think this appears to be an excellent campaign, with case studies too but I’m not at all happy if Welsh organic producers do not get as much benefit as English producers.   I’m not sure that a bi-lingular campaign run in the Radio Times will be a huge help to Welsh producers – but there again – what do I know? 

Press Release  – Welsh Angle On A New Advertising Campaign To Highlight Benefits Of Organic Food

Organic Centre Wales (OCW) will be supporting a high profile three-year campaign to promote organic food in the UK. The £2m campaign, paid for by organic businesses and match-funding from the EU, invites consumers to discover what organic means to them, by challenging their perceptions and discovering their own reason for loving it.  In Wales, OCW will be ensuring bilingual press coverage of the campaign, and using its messages to support generic promotion work under its Better Organic Business Links (BOBL) project.

Launched in January 2011 under the banner ‘There are lots of reasons to love organic – discover yours’, the campaign consists of press advertising, PR and digital marketing and aims to democratize organic by using everyday people to talk about their reasons for buying and loving organic. Sue Fowler, Director of OCW, says: “We know that people want to eat natural and great tasting food which matches their perception of organic.  This campaign will raise the profile of organic food and give consumers the chance to find out for themselves what organic actually means.”

Press ads will run across a number of national magazines over a 9-month period in each of the three years of the programme. Linked to this, PR activity will focus on seasonal news stories, real life case studies, competitions, celebrity endorsement and tasty organic recipe ideas.

More than 90 organizations have pledged their own money to the campaign, including Welsh organic companies Calon Wen, Daioni, Graig Farm Organics, Rachel’s, Rhug Estate, Slade Farm and the Welsh Black Cattle Society, and multiple retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. The UK campaign is being managed by the food charity Sustain working with advertising agency Haygarth and will run for a three year period, from October 2010–2013.


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  1. Annoyed

    February 8, 2011 at 10:00 am

    Why is Wales always treated like the poor relation?
    Somebody, somewhere in Wales should be doing something about it. But is this likely?
    Why aren’t organic producers up in arms about this?
    This post states that some of our large organic companies have pout their own money into this but does this mean they have their sights set on markets outside Wales? I cannot recall many of them pushing themselves here in Wales. I’m sure they have all been well-funded by Wag and now Wag are pushing them to Tesco and the like. U can only pity poor Wales

  2. organic

    February 24, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Wales should not put up with this
    why are we always at the bottom and treated like we don’t matter
    this is terrible.