Still More On Food Websites

26 Jan

On 17th December, I posted a wonder really on not just how many Welsh food websites there were, but more importantly, how much money, the Welsh Assembly Government, WAG,  & Europe for that matter, had put into them. The burning question then is what have they have achieved? Assuming of course that all these sites have all been monitored by ‘someone in authority’.

Now I must have a moan at you for not actually commenting on the site itself. I do understand that you are reluctant to stand up and be counted by name, although I can assure you that real names do not have to be used and only I will know anything. Again I promise your details will go no further. But having said that, many of you have been on the phone to me and by email. Gosh, I seem to have hit yet another very raw food nerve. Your main problem is simply the waste of money and how little benefit these sites have generated. In fact many of you weren’t aware of them – so some marketing has failed miserably there.

I do understand how concerned you are about this year, as the credit crunch continues to bite, redundancies abound and government cuts seem literally everywhere. I know you are concerned about how many food festivals will go ahead this year, what they’ll charge for stands and how many of them will get their marketing right, so punters pile through the doors with money in their pockets. If organisers get those things right, the ball is firmly back in the producer’s court to persuade them to buy …………………….


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  1. Unhappy Jam Man

    January 27, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    It’s a lame excuse but because I’m so busy and so tied-up with what I’m doing, I try to keep away from politics, rumblings, grumblings not really sure what you call it really.
    My business needs busy food festivals, farmers markets as well as lots of other outlets that I can sell to but also get my products too without huge expense.
    I’ve trusted wag to look after my interests as a local producer, but after reading quite a lot of this site and talking to other producers I met lately – I have to question what they are doing to help. I feel I should know how wag, on the food side in particular, spends its money.
    As a trader I have to account and get value for money out of every penny I spend, but I only wish wag had to prove to us it had done the same. I think they are out of touch with us.
    I too would like to know the answer to this food website question, but I don’t believe for one moment that this information will ever be given to us, or that anyone would be able to get it..It will be another secret. All I can say is that impressed that someone from this magazine as taken the trouble and energy to air the problems that have been with us for years. But the fact that they have been with us for years is that producers have let it happen – I hope the tide will now turn. We have the best produce ever here in Wales – but just haven’t got the problems solved. We also deserve to earn a reasonable living.

  2. Cheesed off

    January 28, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I have only just been told about this site but do know about Welsh Country magazine and how strong they are on food as many of my friends and my farming family are of course involved with local food. Well good on this site for telling the public what is going on/or not going on in the Welsh food industry.
    I’ll come back onto this site over the weekend as I haven’t time now to read all the items that are here. And think it will be more interesting than reading the papers.
    I am sure that Welsh Ass. Gov. must have food advisors or food public relation guys, but I do wonder why Miss Rhodes has not been asked to help? She seems to know what’s going on. Could it be as in so many industries/ governments/quangos ………that only YES people are wanted in these type of roles? I’m sure I’m right, but what a waste and a pathetic attitude to have.

  3. Website Wanda

    January 28, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    You are wasting your time on this one – sorry, but that’s my view. Wag will never tell anyone how many food sites they have funded over the years and I doubt if they even know, or care as it’s not their money they are spending after all. I don’t know how the budgets are worked out with them, but my guess is that monies could easy come out of lots and lots of budgets to have funded the few sites I know about.
    I think Wag live in their own world and I don’t know any way you’d get this info. You’re fighting a lost cause on this one but pity not more like you. Keep it going though – it’s a great site

  4. Life's Unfair

    February 3, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    How much longer can Wag continue to waste so much money on the food side? Is anyone in charge there that has any common sense? Have any of them actually worked in the private sector and made a success of it? I have my doubts on that.
    I too would love to know how much money WAG has put into food websites – but they will never tell you. Like they will never say how much the True Taste awards cost us. It will remain one of their many well hidden secrets. We have elections to get rid of those politicians that are worse than useless in office, but it’s a different matter with Civil Servants I’m afraid. I wish I had the answers and not just more questions about WAG

  5. Local Food Lover

    February 16, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    It’s easy for Wag to carry on wasting money on websites
    they are given budgets, it’s not their money, they haven;t had to earn it, no-one seems to judge the results they get – unless they bring more consultants in which of course ‘they’ pay for at yet more expense.
    How many food websites are required by a miniscule country with around 3 million people? Can’t anyone work out that one good site is better and less confusing for those that are looking for food sites than the host of poor, heavily funded sites that Wales has acquired? We really aren’t doing ourselves any favours
    I’m just pleased Wales has this one

  6. foodie

    February 28, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Come on Wag ‘fess up to how much money you have spent on food websites in the last ten years
    I bet it comes out of so many budgets that you hide it with ease can’t you?
    Then have the bottle to explain here on this site why you cannot support and back a publication and a food website that does the job far better than you ever could……..
    Is this just sour grapes on your part?

  7. jenny

    February 28, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    You could ask Wag until you turn blue in the face – they will not give you a straight answer. That’s not in their remit.
    They’d also not be able to answer what each food website has achieved.
    It’s only government that can get away behaving like this
    if they’d been a food company they’d have gone bust years ago, there’s no doubt in my mind on that one
    Isn’t it sad when you have no faith or confidence in the civil servants running your industry?