How Bleak Will The Future Be For Food Fesitvals?

04 Feb

Future funding for food festivals has been a worry as the 3 year funding ended in 2010. I have been trying to find out what happens from 2011, but have yet to unearth any news. Following phone calls from a few organisers, I asked WAG in January when the Food Festival Organisers annual meeting was and was told it was being arranged. An organiser then kindly sent me an email to say, he’d got his invite for the 8th February.

I have also been talking to AM Nick Bourne about food festivals. Nick’s been told by Minister Elin Jones, about the meeting on the 8th February, telling him that there will be a presentation of an interim evaluation report informing the organisers of the future allocation of funding for food festivals.

I’ve not been invited to the meeting, but I have this morning requested a copy of the report. However I’m sure that some of the organisers will be taking detailed notes and will update me. As soon as I can I’ll update you too. 

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  1. potato man

    February 10, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    any news on meeting?
    think I’ll ring Welsh country mag and see if they know – guess not, or else they’d have told us.
    Is it this information just for organisers or is the plan to run festivals without tradestands this year?

  2. brilliant

    February 25, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Very as Wag seem to thrive on making our life more difficult
    it’s so expensive to put a festival on and organisers cannot look to hiking their prices for stands and visitors – we’ll end up with no-one to sell to if we can actually pay for some of these stands