Welshfoodbites Versus True Taste TV – Website Rankings

17 Jun

 As of today, our rankings for welshfoodbites is @ 303,880 – source Alexa Rankings over a 3 month period, whilst Wag’s True Taste TV is way down below us @ 2,111,071.

If I were Wag Food, I’d be very concerned, especially after they took down their other food website, Wales the True Taste, WTT, on 1st April. Sorry but can’t resist the April Fools Day parody, because who with any computer web know-how, would pull down a website? Had no-one thought about working behind the original site? I’m amazed and horrified that nearly 3 months later, WTT is still not back up and running. So the difficult question for you is, any idea who is doing the re-build? Mmmmmmm, well that didn’t take long, so well done you smart people – you’re right – Wag are doing it themselves!

Now though, back to rankings. The traffic from WTT has been re-directed to Wag’s other food website, True Taste TV, which I assumed would have had twice the traffic through, especially as they have been asking for True Taste entries via the website, but why are their rankings still so poor for a site that has been running for what seems like forever. If Wag Food were a business, this would not be acceptable and could not continue, but I’m talking about the real world guys, aren’t I?    

Wag should be horrified with both their food website performances. Mind you, I’m sure deep down, they are impressed with our welshfoodbites rankings, they just don’t want to make a fuss about it!

So can I just send my thanks to you for your support, not just for welshfoodbites but for Welsh Country magazine too. We are making a huge difference, despite the many Wag barriers we have to knock down to get anywhere.


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  1. sian

    June 20, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Wag are not of this world, if they were, life would not be so tough in the Welsh food chain.
    as for their websites the ratings would be funny if they were not spending and WASTING our money.
    When will they wake-up to what is happening around them and accept that they have got so much wrong – again.

  2. Beer Man

    June 21, 2011 at 11:24 am

    I agree with with the other comment
    Wag should be working for us and two have their two websites – one not working – doing very little is not good news. Do you know how much money has been spent on these sites?
    This is the site I enjoy and your more than your fair share of work supporting us guys and gals on the food side. Wag, listen for goodness sake to people for are talking sense and do know about our industry.

  3. doom & gloom

    June 21, 2011 at 11:30 am

    This makes depressing reading but you have no chance of getting Wag to wake-up and work FOR us
    they need to listen and I think that is why you lot have done so much
    You quiz us, and I know it’s not just me, to find out what’s going on, what worries us and what help we need. If only you had more power to do more and hadn;t got WAG blocking you at every turn. Congratulations on getting funding list for food festivals, I know you have one massive job to get that. They behaved disgracefully for what is public money and should not be kept a secret. I have huge admiration for the job you’re doing and the effort your making. You must feel like knocking Wag’s many heads together. .