Lots Of Visitors

23 Jun

After another busy day, it was good to see our J/Aug issue of Welsh Country speed its way across to Cambrian printers in Aberystwyth – what a relief. After that I updated welshfoodbites and checked out not just our rankings, which are still doing well, but also Wag’s True Taste TV, which are still poor. But I also checked out the number of visitors we’d had, which was a rather amazing 70. Which for a food blog, 70 unique visitors in a single day, for a site that we’ve done very little to publicise, is quite extraordinary. (Source: Google Analytics).

Sadly not many of the 70 visitors left comments. That was disappointing, but makes me wonder why. It’s always useful to get feedback, whether you agree with the posts and other comments, or not. It’s a good way to get a feeling of the mood and concerns out there at the sharp end. Maybe those visitors were concerned their identity will be revealed, but can I say again that the only person who will know your detail is ME. Our system is set up to ensure confidentiality – and that’s a promise. Assembly Member Elin Jones, as well as many Wag staff always insist I name people with queries and complaints, but I will not do so. My concern is they deal with the complaint – end of story! The only time I will say, is when a company wishes their name to go forward. If you doubt my word, then please ask any of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers and they will verify what I have said, no question. Many companies will not put their names to queries because they say they will be blackballed by Wag, which although Wag insists doesn’t happen, many of us disagree.


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  1. food producer 2

    June 23, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Keep up this good work, you guys are my true food heroes.
    There’s no brown noses with you guys. It’s just flipping hard work trying to make Wag understand that they have it wrong. I’m so very sorry Wag pulled their support for you guys much of last year. Reading all the issue this year they’ve still not come back in all. Which Wag idiot made that decision? Would it have been a different story if you guys had just kept quiet with what’s going on? It’s down to you that we had a meeting with Elin Jones, it’s down to you that we have much much publicity, it’s down to you that we now know how much food festivals get funded, it’s down to you that we get emails of what is happening in our industry, of course I can go on and on with your efforts. You don’t deserve to have their advertising support pulled, it’s very, very unfair.
    Hope to see you guys soon at Llandysul festival maybe?
    Wag cannot ignore us with so many people being to vocal, on this website anyway, they have to talk to us. Who do they think they are? They are our servants, that’s who they are, our SERVANTS, yet to learn the meaning of service as they still don’t know their place

  2. Disappointed Trader

    June 29, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    I agree. Keep up the great work. I know of nowhere else where traders and the public can voice their opinions of the food festivals and the WAG funding mess.

  3. admin

    June 30, 2011 at 9:21 am

    We shall continue driven on by the fantastic feedback we are getting both on the site, by direct email to me, by phone and of course at every festival and market we attend. Producers are now understanding that any comments put onto welshfoodbites cannot be identified by Wag or anyone one else apart from me! With respect, producers have thought they had no choice but to accept Wag’s wastage, silly projects, their disregard for value of taxpayers money and their obession with ticking boxes having practically achieved nothing. Now there’s the chance to make changes and changes that will be important for producers, their futures, local food in Wales and the Welsh economy and employment.
    Wag cannot keep ignoring producers – if you don’t let them – they are your servants…..

  4. Ben

    July 1, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    this is a godsend to producers and those loving food too
    it’s an eye-opener to learn so much about wag and how they do or rather don’t operate but it makes me angry too
    we’re lucky guys to have access to this site and keep it going