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08 Jul

And the demise of the News Of The World – As a journalist there are many occasions when I am very proud of my profession. When wrongs have been highlighted, successful campaigns organised and action like MP’s expenses was a revelation, these are examples of journalism at its best.
But catching up on the News of the World debacle has made me furious. Not just from a journalistic point of view, but from a humane point – have these ordinary people who are victims not been through enough? The stories about alleged back-handers to the police, the illegal action of phone–tapping, the list goes on and on and the behaviour of some individuals and the media machine that is News International can only be politely described as appalling.

It was sad to see the final edition yesterday of the NOTW as Rupert Murdoch decided to pull the plug on our most successful Sunday paper. If reports are correct, this paper is drawing in advertising revenue of £38.6 million per annum. Ok dream on Kath. But the NOTW has been propping up its sister titles of The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

I have no sympathy for all those involved in phone-tapping, your actions were illegal and no editor or publisher should have believed that their title is outside the law. I want those responsible to be held to account, I want them to face the victims’ family and explain just what promoted them to do such despicable acts. Let those families ask the questions that must have been driving them insane over the last few months and years.

Now about 200 journalists have lost their jobs, despite the fact that most of them weren’t there when this hacking fiasco took place. Media has not escaped the recession, how could it? But these professional people are now on the scrap-heap unless Mr Murdoch finds them jobs elsewhere in his huge organisation. Many of them might not wish to work again for this man who has other matters on his mind than these poor guys who have just been made redundant, but many with mortgages and families might feel they simply haven’t a choice if any work is offered. What a mess….. the inquiries cannot come quickly enough or skimp in their thoroughness to leave no stone unturned in the search for the truth.

So why am I posting NOTW on welshfoodbites? A story, which has headed all newspaper front pages, websites and radio and TV bulletins, but is certainly not food related? Well one worry is that all journalists might be tarred with the same brush, which would be totally unfair, as there are rotten apples in all barrels, business, politics, sport, no sector is immune. I hope that all journalists, which of course includes me, always work in a professional manner, which goes without saying, but journalists should not forget that part of their job is to expose injustice and abuse…………………….which is what I shall, in my small way, keep doing too.


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  1. hacking

    July 12, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    This is like a part-opened can of worms. There’s much more stuff to come I bet.
    Don’t worry Kath, just be proud of the job you and your guys are doing
    If it wasn’t for you lot we’d know nothing of what wag was doing OR rather not doing.

  2. Boss

    July 13, 2011 at 8:17 am

    this doesn’t show the media, the cops or politicians in a good light, but just the opposite. As already said there are lots of rotten apples in all barrels and we have plenty here in Wales!!
    you remind me of a cougar, fighting for producers, trying to help our food businesses, not accepting the rubbish that wag feeds us – you are a star and my food hero. Don’t think wag will ever accept you as their hero, but they don’t have our good taste.