Final Day of Big Cheese, Caerphilly

03 Aug

Sunday, I made my first visit to this event as I knew many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers would be there. There was plenty of signage as I went in and I spotted a Park & Ride too which was much needed and looked to be very popular. The first two stewards I met couldn’t have been more helpful and that was a great start.

It was a huge event, a beautiful setting by the castle, with a huge fun fair alongside. Entrance free, programme free and also another programme for the cookery demos are which actually included the recipes the chefs were doing. This is an idea I have been suggesting for years, but it has rarely been taken up, but from the visitors’ side, I do think it a good one. I’d still like the producers to supply product and have a plug but at least this is good progress. There were outside tables and chairs but these were mainly near the fast food outlets and not by the food halls. The food halls however did have a huge mix of stands not only from Wales but from Isle of Wight, the Cotswolds and Norwich were some I spotted.

One producer did raise a good point about loos. Would it not be possible to have a few loos near to the food tents but sectioned off, just for producers? This means that they’d be able to take a quick break, not get held up and maybe these can be kept really clean before Health and Safety have a fit!!! The suggestion was also for running water in these loos rather than hand gel, but not sure if this is practical. Without a doubt more  litter bins were needed as the public still hasn’t got the message about not dropping litter on the floor. Again a humid day and the tents really were hot and stuffy inside, making if hard work for producers and not perfect shopping conditions for visitors. I wish there was a system with some sort of vents in the tent roof to prevent this overpowering heat, but maybe I should just be pleased it wasn’t raining!!!!

Of course I could hardly leave a food festival without eating could I? So it was off to Samosa Co to see Golide and Tee to purchase a selection of their delicious samosas for a picnic – mind you they were so tasty there was nothing left to take home! I then went to see Sue at the and again was spoilt for choice but plumped for Pwll ddu cheddar with mustard, leeks and Reverand James Ale – what a delicious cheese, great flavours and certainly one that I will be buying again. This was followed by some Salt Chocolate Brownies from Ruth at Coco Bean, it’s impossible to resist her selection of brownies and impossible for me to eat just one! My Sunday picnic lunch could not have been bettered.  

This event is not supported by Wag, but was well supported by many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers and I’m sure they had quite a busy time.   


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  1. Alfie

    August 3, 2011 at 11:02 am

    I went with the family – it was very busy but a super selection of food. We bought some to have a quick but proper lunch and I’d have liked tables and chairs outside the food halls. As it was, the weather was fine and we sat on the grass, but lots of litter
    Shame that the ‘junk’ food stalls had seating but not the Welsh food – that’s not fair is it?
    we have not been before but would go again

  2. Jones boy

    August 8, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    busy event
    I don’t think it’s as profitable as it used to be
    people were not spending the same as they did, most traders were saying that
    food tents so hot – very overpowering for visitors, let alone those that were selling!!!