Funding Of Food Hall At The Royal Welsh Showground

08 Sep

I was greatly concerned that Wag, in it’s wisdom……. was not funding the Food Hall at the Smallholder Show, stating that that food was not its core activity and therefore did not fulfill this year’s brief. 

Some years ago Wag asked Steve Shearman, Farmers Markets In Wales to take over and run this event on their behalf. But despite the fact that the Food Hall is always a huge attraction to visitors, it now didn’t fit Wag’s latest criteria.

So that got me thinking, and wondered just how much Wag paid to lease the Food Hall at the Royal Welsh Showground. Interesting thought but my only option to get this information, as Wag Press office have said they would not answer questions from me, was another question through Freedom Of Information Act.

The answers are as follows:

Lease Costs

2009 £70,645.64 (inc vat) hall hire for RWS and Winter Fair

2010 £65,403.32 (inc vat) RWS

2010 £19,975.00 (inc vat) Winter Fair      

Event Build & Management Costs

2009 RWS                £155,023.30  (inc vat)

2009 Winter Fair    £61,355.38    (inc vat)

2010 RWS               £131,968.22  (inc vat)

20101 Winter fair   £56,078.64   (inc vat)  

Hope these figures are of interest. I was also told that over the last few years, Smallholder funding was taken from the ‘Promoting Welsh Food’ budget Expenditure Line. This is a budget I’d no idea existed and nor was there an explantion as to why it still couldn’t be funded from this budget. Yet another question to ask?

 was also told that over the last years Smallholder funding was taken from  – ‘The  

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