Landeilo Christmas Festival of Senses Versus Gwyl Fwyd Blas Tywi

21 Nov

Well there’s no contest on who was the winner on this one. The Llandeilo Christmas Festival, which took place from 18th – 20th November was a huge success. I called there on Sunday morning and I couldn’t believe, not only how busy it was, but how massively busy it had been over the weekend. 

This is the second year this festival has run and last year Wag funded them. However this year funding was not given to them, but instead Wag funded Gwyl Fwyd Blas Tywi which, let’s just say was a flop with some food traders not attending on the Sunday, due to such poor trade. Wag decided against funding Festival Of Senses, because in their view had too much craft – shame Wag did not apply their criteria that food must be the main activity, against Llandysul which yet again Wag decided to fund. It’s all well and good Wag issuing their criteria, but it seriously falls down when they don’t stick to it!!!!

Last year, with the Wag funding they could and did run a food marquee, which catered for about 25 stands, this year the food traders had to go into the Church Hall on the main street, which could only take 10 stands but many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers too! So let’s help Wag and do the maths, a loss of 15 stands and a loss of revenue for those traders who I’m sure had a good event there last year, but this year there was simply not space for.

For me to go around any food event and get smiles and good news from ALL traders is about as rare as hen’s teeth, but that is just what happened on Sunday. Happy traders, having taken good money with some of them running out of some items.

As Wag had withdrawn their funding, I’m sure no-one from Wag took the trouble to attend – they’d have better things to do I’m sure, but please listen to someone who did attend. Talk to the producers if you cannot bear to believe me and get their feedback – this event worked and could have worked even better with some funding. I’m not sure how much we are talking about here moneywise, but I had heard they only needed around £5-6k.   

My congratulations go to Tracey Kindred from Heavenly Chocolates and the brilliant team she has put together to run this event. How wonderful for the town and all the businesses that were lucky enough to get stands. You put on a super show and visitor feedback proves that.


Wag you backed the wrong Llandeilo horse on this one and I just wish you’d listen to people rather than sticking haphazardly to this year’s criteria.


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  1. brill

    November 22, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    brilliant event
    shame you didn’t get your funding and couldn’t have as many producers that was disappointing, but those that were there were great. Massive effort to put this on but wonderful for the town.
    even bigger next I hope .

  2. local

    November 22, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    what a difference this made to the town last weekend
    well done to all involved and thanks for such hard work.
    if the welsh government cannot now support us with at least a marquee, then it’s a very poor show.
    I’ve never seen the town so busy for a long time
    pats on the back all round to those involved.

  3. Llandeilo lady

    November 24, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    well done everyone a great event and shame on the government for not supporting you after last year’s success.

  4. visitor

    November 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    this was wonderful and pleased we managed to see it on our break