Update Pembrokeshire Produce Direct

06 Dec

I’m sure our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers will be glad of this latest information that’s come through, from a good source, which I hope will help with your queries on this project.

PPD submitted an application for a project under the Supplies Chain Efficiencies Scheme of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 -2013, funded by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development and for the Welsh Government.

Their objective is to develop a supply chain for primary Produce in Pembrokeshire, south Ceredigion and west Carmarthenshire.

The project started on 04/03/2009 and ends on 03/02/2014

It is to support a collective marketing initiative undertaken by 72 producers in Pembrokeshire, southern Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Swansea.

The total cost of the project is: £793,272 and PPD were awarded £469,530

I am also told that Pembrokeshire County Council has not put any financial funding support into PPD. Which does not agree with my being told that PPD did get an interest free loan as their grant had not arrived. PCC have supplied support as a coordinating and facilitating role as part of its business support for food producers in Economic Development. The idea of the project is to help local producers from Pembrokeshire and neighbouring counties to come together as a cooperative to assist in selling and distributing their produce to a wider customer base.   



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  1. pembs born

    December 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    This is interesting information, thanks to whoever sent it through.
    Now I want to know now how many staff have been employed since this scheme started and what the salaries are
    Maybe the PPD managers should consider keeping this project going themselves, funding it themselves like a ‘proper business’
    Wonder if the guys at the top have considered doing that – cos it’s a thought.
    They should not get more public money in. If they can’t make it work in five years, then goodbye PPD – a lot of our money wasted.

  2. local girlie

    December 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    I agree with Pembs born, I want those answers too but not sure who will be able to get them.
    Government and councils seem to believe that just spending our money is ok, but haven’t the guts to be open about what everything costs us.
    I’m sure salaries will be a big cost in PPD and clueless as to what Pembs CC have put in along their staff time and I also heard about an interest free loan from them
    Pity it doesn’t apply to all Pembs businesses, we don’t get an interest free loan, so why should PPD?
    It’s as though PCC have adopted PPD and they can have whatever help they need as if the heavy funding wasn’t enough.
    whoever said Wales was an unlevel playing should have described is as climbing Snowdon, for that’s just what it is like for us small traders.

  3. cheesed off

    December 7, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    My congrats for getting an update on PPD. I’m in Powys and I’d love to have decent food distribution from say Brecon, but to hear how much money has gone into these guys from RDP makes me very angry.
    I am sure that however many staff they have, PPD will be paying well above minimum wage, which is something many of us haven’t got that luxur, but if it’s not your money who cares? Let’s just spend, spend spend and then do an Oliver Twist and ask for some more.
    I hope that one of the PPD producers sends you all the yearly accounts and then you can keep us updated. Or they could put it up themselves as they not need to put their name up.
    thanks for doing this for us, we need to know but it’s annoying how RDP is being used so differently by Welsh councils.

  4. holly

    December 7, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Wowee thanks for this. Interesting to find out more. But want staff numbers and what they are being paid. Feel much of this RDP money has been wasted, which is often the case.
    I’ve seen PPD at some shows and when the stand IS manned and not left, they don’t look at all interested and wait for people to approach them instead of going to people and starting chatting to them
    not proactive in my view and I’ve been doing stands for 15 years.

  5. Steph

    December 8, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Two food officers for the whole of Wales isn’t good enough but I’m disappointed that Pembs, who have a food officer, might be considering putting more public money into this scheme. How many times can you apply for money from rdp? Can you just keep going back and back to them until the fund runs dry?
    I don’t think this is either right or fair.
    PPD have been going at it for years and are losing money, so business plan or people working there must take responsibility for this shambles. Is anyone going to stand up and be counted?
    Food distribution has always been a problem in Wales, but the government have never tackled it or if they have they have failed. Instead their focus appears to be supermarkets and true taste. Don’t you think many of our food businesses would improve if it was easy to get our goods moving about Wales?
    Not at all happy with the way PPD is going. We still need answers, it’s our money that’s being spent or wasted

  6. Jenny

    December 8, 2011 at 11:57 am

    nearly half a million pound for five year project. That breaks down to £100k per year and PPD still can’t make money infact I think they are in the red.
    are we outsiders the only ones to work out that the business model PPD came up with, is flawed?
    where has £100k each year gone?
    the premises they rent can’t be that pricey, so I bet it’s gone on big fat salaries for staff that maybe are not fully employed?
    anyone wondering what full-time work is needs to talk to a small producer, they’ll explain
    this whole PPD thing is wrong and more money should not be allowed to go into this scheme again.
    does anyone know if a failed business can go back again to their original funding source, in this case the rdp, and get another bite at this big fat cherry pot of money.

  7. bewildered

    December 9, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Unbelievable, it really is.
    Nearly £500k into PPD and £800k into fork2fork and what have we to show for it?
    fork2fork was not a sustainable project for some reason. The markets I attend are struggling so unless farm shops and veg boxes are blooming then to me this project didn’t work apart from the well-paid staff.
    And now PPD is struggling on JUST £100k per year.
    I’d like to know who puts these ill-thought through projects forward and then who monitors them? Whoever they are, they are not doing a good job, either for the food producers or for the tax payers. Really it should be the food producers who evaluate whether the project has worked. But it would be even better if they asked the producers before they went forward for these projects, what we want and what we actually need to keep our businesses going and to help us move them forward.
    This situation isn’t good enough. And no way at all should PPD be allowed to go for further money from RDP. It makes the RDP look like a free bank, except it’s taxpayers money.
    Thanks for putting this information up on site, but it makes me fume with such wasted and and the same noses in the Wag food trough

  8. Puzzled

    December 9, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Yikes, I cannot believe these figures and how much has been put in
    One hundred thousand pounds each year and PPD are still struggling. They look to be begging for more help from producers, but don’t look to be doing much themselves. Aren’t PPD the ones likely to be getting fat salaries?
    I’m not sure how many PPD producers feel that PPD are a big part of their business, but it is more than likely if this scheme fails the producers will be blamed rather than PPD managers, which would be wrong. I don’t feel they have any right to apply for yet more money from rdp. Wish I knew the legal situation on this, but sure the council will oblige PPD once more to save them having more egg on their big fat council face.
    I’m not in Pembrokeshire, but do know a few guys who in in PPD and they don’t seem impressed with what’s happened, how so much money has been spent and the help the council has put in. PPD are favoured by the council just like bluestone are and it’s not fair. But who in power cares – no-one.

  9. non Pemb producer

    December 13, 2011 at 11:53 am

    I hope somehow we can get to the bottom of this PPD matter.
    I’d been more than uneasy if PPD go back to RDP, I shall be so angry and angry enough to complain officially if this happens.
    I cannot believe how much money has gone in and that the total cost of the project is nearly £800k. Just where do these figures come from and who creates them?
    How many staff are employed and what are they paid? How many vans have they got? Because to service 56 orders a week isn’t being kept busy is it?
    It is really unfair that so may food projects get money and waste it and achieve very, very little.
    Sadly the people that are at the top and supposedly in charge just don’t appear to be working too well.
    It’s a mess and a disgrace.
    PCC you have a lot of egg left on your face with this latest mess.