Swansea Food & Drink Festival

05 Mar

I didn’t attend this one which ran on 25th February.

But talking to some Best Of  Welsh & Borders producers at Saundersfoot it was not a huge success. Not certain on this but was told stands were £185.00 for one day. It said one day event  on the web and on the listing I had through from Wag it showed this event was running either the 25th Feb or 3rd March, but apparently it was a two day show!!!! The tradestand prices are certainly not cheap, especially as this event got £8,004 funding  from Wag.

It is a poor show when traders don’t bother coming back for the second days trading. Generally the Sunday is always the quieter day, but if you can’t make money on the Saturday, do you really want to waste you time and fuel going back?  

It was the 6th year this event has run and obviously can’t give my comments as to how they can improve it but I’m certainly not happy to hear that traders were disappointed with the numbers of visitors and so that they were not able to make any decent money.


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  1. Disappointed Trader

    March 5, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    I didn’t attend this event because of the cost – £175 + vat for the two days, which included a small advert in the local papers. £210 in total. When you are only making £1 (or less) on each item you sell, there seems little point in attending anymore. I have to sell (give away??) 210 items before making any profit at all. And its a good event if I can manage to sell the required 210 items anyway. If I sell 250 items, turning over £750, profit of £250 less event cost £210 will leave £40. £40 for two days of standing there, watching punters eat your samples but not buying. Why bother? £40 for all the days it took you to make 250 items? Lets not forget the cost of the fuel is costs to get there at 20p a mile. Its becoming pointless.

    Where did the paper put the adverts for the show? In the main body of the paper? No, in the classified in the back pages! Who would look there? I work in central swansea – didn’t see any street advertising anywhere!

    Swansea is hardly the most affluent town, lets be honest. I know, I live there. Why bother buying produce from me, when you can get similar in Tesco’s for £1.50 or less.

    Will the organizers of these events only realise their costs are too high when there are NO producers there at all? You don’t mind paying for a known quality show such as Cowbridge, because they get the public in, public who want to buy, not just graze on your samples. Plus its in a more affluent area so people have the spare money for ‘luxury’ products.

    I am dumping so many shows this year, as I am sick of making so little money for all our efforts. The ever rising costs of the shows plus fuel (or b+b) makes them completely impossible.

    Just as well I have a 9-5 job to fall back on, because we starve otherwise.

  2. jam man

    March 7, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Swansea have never really got this event to work
    traders just cannot keep taking risks and booking stands when the organisers don’t perform, but as Swansea staff get paid monthly I guess they were all happy with the outcome.