Not Quite An update On Welsh Dairy Summit

26 Jun

Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Alun Davies, said:
“I am anxious to listen to as many different views as possible as we develop our policy and approach to providing support to
different sectors. The dairy summit was well attended, and I am grateful to everyone for both spending the time and offering their expertise.  I will now take forward the outcome and will make a statement to the Assembly.

“I invited people based on their experience and expertise.”

I asked for an update on last Friday’s Dairy Summit called by the Deputy Minister Alun Davies and there you have it, in total. I also asked once again, why I couldn’t have a list of people that had been invited and that has received a ‘sort of answer too’. Translated by me to mean  – mind your own business!!

So those of you that were not lucky enough to get and invite and were expecting more information as to what went one it seems you’re only option is to tune in to the Assembly, if you can be bothered………………………….


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  1. Ex dairy farmer

    June 26, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Quote -“I am anxious to listen to as many different views as possible” and “I invited people based on their experience and expertise”. Says it all really. I will await with interest the outcome of these Summits, which will of course be published in full for all of us to see, or is that blue sky thinking?

  2. admin

    June 26, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Blue sky thinking – I’m really agreeing with you but fail to understand why they simply can’t talk to us all rather than a select few

  3. trader

    June 27, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Now let’s be fair guys, you can hardly expect the Deputy Minister to actually bother about genuine micro producers, we are far, far too small. It will not make headlines or even a ripple when we are forced to stop trading due often to their lack of support. It doens’t matter if we are True Taste winners. Mr Deputy will not have many ribbon cutting chances if he takes his precious time to look after us.
    If he was really doing his job he’d sort his pathetic food department out – it’s nothing but a shambles

  4. dairy lass

    June 29, 2012 at 11:58 am

    why can’t wag understand that many of us would like to know who the favoured guys were to be invited by Mr Deputy Minister
    let alone what went on
    are you too silly to know that this is our livelihoods before wag strangles our food industry altogether? im not sure who said communication was the key, but it’s something wag have never been able to do and it’s far worse now than it has ever been
    praise be that Kath and her lot excel at keeping us in the loop despite wag obstructing them and bullying them.

  5. dairy man

    July 3, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    You dear lady are my hero. I’m surprised and delighted how you keep going on so many different food issues despite getting blocked at seemingly every turn.
    anxious to listen to as many different views as possible – if only that were true we’d have all known about this and not have had to rely on you once again to tell us what is going on in the dairy world.
    what a joke this industry is

  6. dairy

    July 4, 2012 at 9:14 am

    listen to different views is impossible if ‘different people’ are not favoured to be invited. That is total stupidity – even for the government
    I have rung you about this and you have asked for a list of who was invited and been told you can’t have it. Next question is why not? Why is there so much secrecy around wag food and so much favouritism? Who is supporting the micro producer, well that’s easy, welsh country and welshfoodbites and they have paid dearly for it.
    Reading this site makes my hackles rise, so much waste on grants we’ve been given. FBA and PDD two recent examples that have cost nearly one and a half million pounds to achieve nothing apart from more rich food for the already fat Welsh cats.

  7. trader

    July 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Thanks for chatting to me on the phone about the deputy’s dairy summit and for telling me that there’s also a food summit at Botanical Gardens on 12th July
    Now who is on the face-fitting-list to be invited to that one? You did tell me of one producer that you knew was going. There’s no doubt that this will be like the dairy summit, top secret, unless your face fits with the wag food civil servants. Sadly my invite must have got lost, like yours
    Our food department is surrounded by secrecy. Our food producers are too frightened to complain to anyone, apart from you lot at welsh country. But with this attitude, how can our sector grow when it is being run in this way? It’s not funny and no-one seems to care about the tough time producers are having, again I don’t mean your team of course.

  8. JonWilliams

    July 12, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    The problems of the dairy industry all stem from the immoral methods employed by supermarkets to gain market share.
    1/buy one get one free using food as a loss leader lowers the value of food perception by the consumer.
    2/So it’s free so I can either eat more and become obese like the other 35per cent of the uk population or I can throw the older food in my fridge away as I don’t have any room for my free food in my fridge which is encouraging waste.
    3/This is immoral in a world where depleting resources such as phosphate have been used to produce this free food.
    4/This is immoral in a world where people are starving and there is uneven distribution of food.
    5/This is immoral when farmers have been working 7 days a week to produce this food to world beating standards.
    6/This is immoral as the farmer is made to pay for this free food after he has produced it with low prices for what he produces.This is abuse of family farmers.
    7/This is short term gain for the profits of the supermarket at the cost of abusing the soil as the farmer tries to keep up his income by keeping more cows and this results in abuse of the soil.FArming is a long term commitment and the soil is being mined and will not be there for future generation if we do not pay farmers a price which allows them to care for the soil.
    8/We in Wales need to lead by example as we do not wish to allow supermarkets to destroy our economy as we are largely a rural area farming is being decimated by the Greedy corporate companies and will affect us to a greater extent compared to other ares of the country.
    9/Supermarkets in Wales need to be told that we do not want their free food as it is destroying our countryside polluting our rivers and destroying our soils for future generations.
    10/I intend with others to get this message out to young people of Wales that this GOverment is allowing the destruction of Welsh agriculture on the sacrificial alter of the greed of a few supermarkets.
    Thank you Jon Williams
    Please take a look at my website:

  9. admin

    July 13, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Thank you so much for leaving your comment. It’s by people working in our food industries, leaving their comments that I can understand just how people are feeling about working in Wales.
    I am unable to get any further detail of what was discussed at the Dairy Summit or even who was invited – apparently wag say that is due to Data Protection. My interest is in what range of businesses were invited? How many one-two man bands were favoured to go? Or was is larger companies to push the supermarkets once again.
    I cannot disagree with your comments, but what is scary is how do we change people’s attitude’s?
    actually it’s not just that is it is also government policies and council’s allowance to the builing of endless supermarkets whilst our High Streets collapse and small shops cannot continue to trade.
    Can I suggest that you write or email the Deputy Food Minister Alun Davies – in an interview I had with him yesterday, he said he was more than willing to listen to any food producer etc. that had a problem that they’d been unable to sort. He didn’t agree with me that many producers are very unhappy and frightened to complain………………………………..

  10. JonWilliams

    July 13, 2012 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for your comment and can you let me have the deputy ministers email.
    The good thing is I am not afraid to stand up and be counted as I am not a producer or a producer group representative but work with farmers to make their businesses more sustainable.
    So being independent I can be free to put forward ideas and my opinions without the fear of any recriminations from the bullies!!
    Consumers need to be made aware of the immoral methods employed by these monopolistic businesses and have their awareness raised as to the issues faced by suppliers when supermarkets ask for up front payments for the right to continue to have your products on their shelves.
    This is no different than The protection rackets run by gangsters in the US when they went around and asked shop keepers for protection money for their business other wise it would be destroyed.
    We are dealing with an issue of morality here and near criminality and these supermarkets need to be brought to task.
    The ombudsman which I campaigned for is urgently needed to sort out these issues .
    The people of Wales have a higher standard of morality than these corporate giants and do not want this kind of business activity to destroy the economy of Wales as well as the countryside for future generations and tourists.