Carmarthen Food Festival

27 Jul

As I have already posted, it’s the day for producer complaints. This is the third today and now directed at Carmarthen. I attended this festival last year and was most unhappy to have producers complaining about the differing amounts that were being charged for tradestands. It seems though that lessons have not been learned.

I’m told this year that the local paper is again helping to organise and is trying to get tradestands to attend, saying that their trade stand booking includes an advert in the paper, but which makes the total price for one stand, for one day, £120.00.  But I’ve also  been told that if producers contact Carmarthen Council directly, the charge for a stand for the day is £40.00. What a difference!!! But that that makes the local paper is charging £80.00 for one advert.

I hope that all our producers with us on our Best Of Welsh & Borders have not got caught into paying £120.00 for one days’ trading. I am at a total loss as to how you get organisers, as well as the Welsh Government, to understand that our producers are selling food and they have to sell an enormous amount of food before they have even covered the cost of a £120.oo stand.


What’s your view on this and the many other topics posted on welshfoodbites?

You have nothing to fear by leaving your comments. I and many others too, enjoy reading them, even if you disagree with me – that’s still allowed! You can be certain your details will only be known to me and that’s where they’ll stay – you have my word. You don’t even have to put your name, a pen name or nickname will suffice, although we do have a large number of ‘traders’ signed in, that’s fine. It’s the content that matters, what you’re happy with, what you are cross about, what in your view needs changing, etc.



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  1. Producer

    July 30, 2012 at 9:03 am

    One part of this festival is being run by the paper, and one part (top of town) is being run by the local council, who are sort of having their own festival run on the same day, at a lot cheaper rate. £120 for a few hours trading is probably more than Boots or Smiths pay in rates etc, and shows a lack of understanding on the organisers part as to a producers profit margin.

  2. cup cake

    August 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    according to a list I was sent, this event got £6,500 from wag – well even wag now deserve a refund of £6,500 what a rubbish event.
    last year’s was bad and it’s difficult to believe that this one could possibly be worse, but it was. Nothing was learnt from last year, nothing at all and after endless comments on this site it seems stuid beyond belief that lessons were not learnt.
    wag if you’d have been spending your own money you would not have funded this one again. You are another that learnt nothing from last year.
    It’s one I’ll not attend again – ever.