Lampeter Food Festival

27 Jul

Today must be the day for unhappy trader phone calls into our office. Now it’s Lampeter’s turn, who are going OTT on their charges for electric. I’ve been told that if traders paid their electric charge with their trade stand application, the charge is £36.00, if they ask for electric on the day the charge is then £40.00.

Not sure how many hours there are for trading so went onto their website and could only find an official opening time of 11.00. I’m guessing that the festival kicks off at 10.00 and is open for around 6 hours. So that gives a rough price of £6.00 per hour for electric, which in my view is more than rather steep to say the least, where do they get this price from? Even though wag have dipped into their coffers and given the festival £6,150 for the day’s event, it seems as ever the traders are not helped.

I note that many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers are in booked in and I really do hope that you have a good day and take lots of money. Sorry not to be there but even though Lampeter is much closer, I’m off to the Really Wild Festival instead. Really Wild have been long time supporters of Welsh Country magazine so it’s off to Pembroekshire for me tomorrow.


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  1. Trader

    July 30, 2012 at 8:57 am

    Speaking to other producers, we all had a good day. There were lots of people all willing and eager to buy, and the weather held out, so a good time had by all. There were some very attractive stands and Dudley was making a film of the event (shown this Wed evening).
    Talking to one of the event organisers, and thanking her for the good festival, she showed a depth of understanding and said “well, it is about the producers”. Such an attitude had obviously helped the festival be a success! Well done Lampeter!

  2. Rob

    July 31, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Hello Trader – I’m glad you had a good day at Lampeter. The feedback we had from stallholders was that they seemed to have had a good day, with many selling out quite early on. The weather helped, but we did make some changes this year based on feedback from last year and they seem to have worked.
    Just a note about the electricity charges. The charge for electricity isn’t a money maker for the festival, and wasn’t arrived at out of thin air with no thought for the traders. While £36/£40 may sound steep for the period, it is far less than it costs us to provide a power supply. Perhaps we need to make this clearer, but the charge isn’t to cover the actual cost of electricity used (the university very generously don’t charge for that), it is to cover the cost of providing power supplies to the stalls. The university rightly ask that any power system connected to theirs, is installed, checked and removed by a qualified electrician. As there are no outdoor sockets in the area we use for the festival, our electrician has to arrive on Friday and run and bury cables, fit temporary sockets and wire the system into the university system. We have have him on site to PAT test anything that isn’t PAT tested already (so we don’t have to tell traders that they can’t use an essential item on the day) and he has to take everything out on Sunday. This costs £1,200 and when divided by the number of traders who asked for electricity supplies, this works out at almost double the charge that we make for an electricity supply.
    We did receive a grant from the Welsh Government this year, but it was 30% lower than we’d had in previous years, and even coupled with the income from stalls, this is not enough to cover the costs of putting the festival on. We understand that times are hard, so we decided to keep charges as low as possible, and have eaten into our reserves this year. We’ll do so for as long as we can, and will continue to look for private sponsorship to offset at least some of the cut in our grant. We want to be a festival which the smaller traders can afford to attend, and of course would welcome any constructive feedback.
    Rob – Treasurer, Lampeter Food Festival

  3. Sarah

    August 1, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    I attended this Festival for the first time, and was pleased to see signage for it on the way. The Festival was also advertised on ‘Real Radio’ as we drove up so this was also encouraging.
    Staff were helpful and friendly on arrival, with a young man walking in front of my car to lead me to my stall.!!
    Easy parking available once you had unloaded, and a lovely setting to hold a Food Festival. Also walked around to check that there were not too many stall holders selling the same as me – as this has been a major headache all year, and quietly pleased there were not too many ‘jammers’ at this one.
    I had a busy day, good footfall, punters looking to try something new, lots of atmosphere, music and activity. A very enjoyable day to be a producer at a Food Festival and I haven’t said that too often this year. It was good value for money, so thanks to the team at Lampeter and well done.