Possible Good News About Pembrokeshire Produce Direct?

27 Aug

A great deal of work has been going on behind the scenes trying to resolve the many issues and problems that have been facing the PPD project. Hopefully, if my grapevine is working well, then maybe some much needed changes can bring this project back onto an even keel and give our producers the much needed distribution chain  that they need.

I congratulate those producers that have taken an active part in exploring different avenues to rescue this scheme, instead of those that have sat back and moaned that it isn’t working, but then done nothing to help…………………… There comes a time guys when you have to stand up and be counted and this was certainly one of those occasions.

As soon as more up-to-date and accurate news is received in our office it will be posted.


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  1. producer

    August 31, 2012 at 8:22 am

    I hope that Pembs Prod doesn’t fold because we need more ways to reach more customers.
    BUT if producers, well those that will put some more time into this scheme, are going to do more work isn’t it right and fair that there is an enquiry about why it went pear-shaped in the first place?
    What were wag and Pembs County Council doing? Their usual fiddling whilst yet another project wastes more money. But that’s ok if they still get paid.
    Someone must take responsibility for this and it should be now and it should not be swept under the carpet as is normally done in Wales. Heads should roll for the poor management on this project