Abergavenny Food Festival & Royal Welsh Show – Changes At The Top

04 Sep

Things are certainly up for change in the Welsh food world. As Wynfford James leaves FFMDD, along come two posts that will also have a big effect on the Welsh rural and food scene.

It was announced last month that the chief executive of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, David Walters, is to leave the organisation next year when he reaches retirement age next May.

Now a Chief Executive is required for Abergavenny Food Festival following Kim Waters who is leaving the festival after 14 years in post. So if you are a person with good corporate, management, marketing and financial skills, can work from Abergavenny and would like the post of part-time Chief Executive, then get your CV in before 23rd September.



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  1. trader too

    September 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    well I’m not interested in Abergavenny as I can never get in it’s another festival where you face certainly must fit
    as for Royal Welsh stands in food hall are too pricey for me

  2. producer

    September 11, 2012 at 8:58 am

    well there might be changes at the top but will that mean an improvement for producers? Will Abergavenny whilst it takes a huge amount from our festival budget put welsh producers first for a change?
    Last year was the worst for many at Abergavenny I’ve never seen such stupidity from the organsiers and putting some solid and loyal traders out in the fish market of all places whilst some english stands got the hot spots. Abergavenny has no loyalty for genuine welsh traders some of us can’t even get into their Christmas show as they get bigger and bigger for their boots.
    Show off to the poncy folk from London by all means, but don’t forget which traders put you on the food map – we did. If welsh traders are not your priority then don’t take the £47k from our government that you have taken again this year.
    I’m not sure if Kath is going again this year, hope she is she does bring some sanity into stupid situations that Abergavenny got itself into. She did a long, fair and accurate report on last year’s event and I really hope that those in charge have read it, taken note and also have acted on it. Here’s hoping we have a better time than last year. Sad that organisers still don’t seem to have worked out that we do festivals to earn our living, weird that as I didn’t think it was that difficult to work out.