Food Hall Tradestands At The Royal Welsh Winter Fair

03 Oct

A Best Of Welsh & Borders producer kindly sent me through the eight page application form for the Food Hall at RWAS which was of great interest.

Stand prices are:

3.0m x 2.0m single-fronted stand (open on front only) is £546 inc vat

3.0m x 2.0m corner stand (open on 2 sides) is £606.00 inc vat.

Above prices includes two electric sockets.

The cost for an A1 serve-over chiller 1.33m wide is charged out £470.00 

Producers are asked many questions including Section 4:

1. Are you a True Taste Award winner?

2. Is your product manufactured and processed in Wales?

3. Are you a small business i.e. less than ten employees?

4. Do you have a new product, brand or service? If yes you will be required to supply details of this?

5. Is your company exhibiting elsewhere on the show ground?

6. Do you have Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene rating of 3 or above? 

Selection criteria:

a)  True Taste winners.

b)  Companies where food / drink is produced, processed or manufactured in Wales.

c)  Companies whose raw materials are primary agricultural produce.

d)  Companies who are able to demonstrate support to the end beneficiary i.e. the producer / farmer.

e)  Companies which have a new product, brand or service.

f)  Companies that are not exhibiting anywhere else on the show ground.

Please note that these criteria will be rigidly applied when deciding on your company’s eligibility to exhibit in the Food Hall at the Winter Fair.

Applications close on 5th October, so I hope that if you can afford those charges that you have got your application in by now – if not hurry up!!!!

Section 4 and the Selection Criteria are more than interesting but why doesn’t wag insist that all organisers have to publish their selection criteria if they apply for wag funding?  Of course if that happened it wouldn’t necessarily stop the ‘face fitting’ which some organsiers do seem to apply but it will surely help those producers if they know they have to be a True Taste winner to apply, don’t you think? A wag person did say to me that wag couldn’t insist organisers did publish selection criteria, but as I have always understood that if you do the paying, then you do the saying, I cannot see why that cannot now happen!

This is one of the many things I thought would have been in place when festival funding first started, but who knows, maybe my constant nagging will make wag re-consider, especially if wag can remember that their job is supposed to entail looking after food producers………….


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  1. Mickey

    October 12, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Crikey, their prices never come down, what a lot of money for a tradestand for a couple of days. Guess us producers are supposed to pay for that overpriced food hall barn. Silly of me to expect our government to think about micro and smaller producers. These shows are all for true taste winners and any company our gov. thinks they can get into the supermarkets.
    Nothing changes here or shall I be more accurate and say little improves in our food sector.