More Smoke & Mirrors From HCC

21 Dec

At fourish today I got my reply, but sadly it is of no help.

HCC is dedicated to supporting Welsh butchers who serve PGI Welsh Lamb, PGI Welsh Beef and pork from Wales. We work from our own database which lists butchers who have been verified as selling Welsh red meat. Due to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, however, we are unable to release the details of individuals on the list to third parties. HCC constantly seeks to improve the service we provide to independent butchers, and as an example I refer you to our press release ‘New exclusive club for butchers launched by HCC’, which was sent to you on August 30th 2012.

I trust that Welsh Country Magazine would welcome the support we provide to promote quality Welsh produce.

My response is that EHO will supply me with details of butchers, but HCC can’t, now why is that?

HCC is only supporting those butchers on their database but we are not allowed to know who they are  – it must be a secret!

As for their exclusive club it can only apply and hopefully help those butchers already of HCC’s database.

I haven’t got a clue what is meant by WCM  welcoming the support HCC supply to promote quality Welsh produce – the time I have spent of this and getting nowhewre is hardly welcomed. I’m sure that HCC are delighted with the support WCM give our Best Of  Welsh & Borders producers, many of which are butchers and at least we know who and where our butchers are and can help them promote their businesses.

I’m not accepting being fobbed off by HCC and will take this further.

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