It Appears There Are About 353 Butchers & Retailers On HCC’s Database

22 Jan

Despite my sending through a Freedom of Information question Number 6577, asking for the number of independent butchers in Wales, I was told by HCC that they didn’t have a number they could let me have, only their own database listing, which was not for third parties, because of Data Protection, it appears that HCC have now miraculously discovered a figure – hurrah!

I had no intention of giving HCC publicity on the press release they promised on their promotional material over the festive season. BUT as their press release gives me a figure that HCC, Hybu Cig Cymru, sent out packs to over 350 independent butchers and retailers in Wales, I thought you might be interested.

HCC followed their promotion with a survey and according to HCC, 99% of butchers said they rated the promotional material as either very good or good. As a cynical journalist and one not impressed so far with HCC, I’m not sure that I believe this figure, but perhaps all you butchers, well those that were fortunate enough to be on HCC’s database and got your promotional material, are happy to promptly respond to HCC’s survey.

Finally HCC state that a total of 353 Christmas point of sale kits were sent out to butchers across Wales last year. But in this sentence they state butchers not butchers/retailers as their press releases started off with. So I remain confused whether the figure given is for 350 butchers and retailers, or 353 butchers…….


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  1. Producer

    January 22, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    Do they state how many responded to the survey? If this was before Christmas, I would think the response would be very low, as this is our busiest time of the year. So to keep it simple, if 10 responded, 9 of those were happy or quite happy? We all know the saying about statistics!
    And No, I did not respond to their survey as I did not recieve anything….despite giving my name and address to them a number of times.