Do I Qualify As HCC’S Secret Shopper?

05 Feb

My sole purpose for calling into Tesco store at Haverfordwest last weekend was to check out Welsh meat prices. A pack of Welsh lamb was priced up at £4.50 and the exact same pack of New Zealand lamb was £3.33. A British leg of lamb was priced up at £10.00 whilst a similar pack of Welsh leg of lamb was £12.00. British casserole beef,  500gm packs, were priced at three packs for £10.00, whilst a single pack of 485gms was priced at £4.85.

My stance and my worry, is for our Welsh independent butchers, especially those that are working with us through our Best Of Welsh & Borders mailing list, BOW and although farmers have NFU and FUW fighting their corner, this situation is simply not acceptable.

Are HCC, Hybu Cig Cymru,  really expecting Welsh families, especially in the continued economic downturn, to somehow find the extra money just to support Welsh farmers and butchers? Or am I nearer the truth when I believe that HCC appear to be unconcerned about the plight of Welsh independent butchers and our Welsh farmers,  but guess their salaries are safe……….



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  1. Producer

    February 5, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    What makes this worse is that there is nothing for any supermarket to buy the lamb or beef from abroad (or England) and cut it in Wales. It can then be legally labelled “Welsh”.
    The price of average lamb is trading at around 156 pence per kilo, with lamb bought through Welsh markets hitting the average. It looks as though the supermarket is trading on the good name of “Welsh”!

    Burger King have announced that they will be purchasing all their beef from Germany and Italy, due to an Irish packer having horse meat (probably from Poland) Where are the NFU and FUW and HCC shouting that British Beef is fine? Deafening silence…
    This was a golden opportunity for HCC to push Welsh beef, but maybe your income has to rely on selling livestock to understand this…………………… I despair!

  2. admin

    February 6, 2013 at 9:02 am

    You certainly know more of the inside story than I do but between us we are telling a dismal and sad story
    But what is even more upsetting as you so rightly say is that HCC appear to be doing nothing for fighting Wales’ corner. I totally agree if their livelihoods depended upon it – they’d have no choice – but as it is they can rely on their monthly pay cheque whilst the rest in the industry can only watch and worry.
    As far as despair goes I’m with you all the way but it doesn’t seem possible that we can change the arrogant attitude that prevails in HCC
    if they could only have the commonsense to understand that so much is wrong we’d stand a chance of changing and improving things but they are cocooned in their glass tower safely away from Welsh sproducers and independent butchers

  3. meat man

    February 6, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    you qualify as a secret shopper but guess you’ll not qualify as HCC’s best friend, which I’m sure will not bother you as you carry on fighting for our trade.
    carry on and just pass on my thanks to your team
    we’ll catch up at a festival soon, meanwhile this site is doing a great job for all food producers whatever their sector.

  4. Butcher

    February 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    HCC should hang their heads in shame with their neglect of Welsh butchers
    can’t understand why they are making your life so difficutl unless it is just because you are asking questions that they can’t or have no wish to answer. Think I could be right on both counts.
    Wish we had the Scottish guys looking after us