Support For Welsh Abattoirs Must Remain

19 Feb

If any of you are getting bored or are unconcerned about the ongoing horsemeat scandal, I apologise for my frequent posts. However I will not stop and keep posting until I see from my side, more progress being made. My reasons for doing this are manyfold, Welsh Country magazine is passionate about local food, devoting 10 pages or so each issue. We haven’t had advertising support from wag food since 2010, we’ve been trying to work with HCC for eight but to no avail. But when we get advertisers working with us – we work for them, giving any additional support we can, which is just what happens with our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers list, BOW which is published in every issue of Welsh Country magazine. We have many butchers with us on BOW and it is their corner I’m fighting, behind the scenes with wag and HCC and on welshfoodbites and if needs be in Welsh Country magazine too. I always try in Welsh Country magazine to put out a positive food message to our readers, but I also feel they need to know the truth, especially on stories like horsemeat.

It is vital that HCC and wag food send out a positive message and explain to the Welsh public what an excellent job our local butchers and abattoirs are doing. Then, when they have done that – they carry on doing it – for ever. Welsh public confidence has to be restored and doing nothing HCC is not going to achieve that. Follows is an interesting statement that has been sent through to me and sure many readers will find it of interest.

The Shadow Minister for Environment has hailed the continued hard work of Welsh abattoirs and called for support and confidence in them to remain throughout the current horsemeat scandal.

Montgomeryshire Assembly Member Russell George has tabled a Statement of Opinion asking the National Assembly to acknowledge the exceptional production standards of abattoirs and recognise the fundamental role they continue to hold as exemplars of animal welfare standards, food labelling and food traceability. His actions come amid concerns from small businesses in Mid Wales regarding the perception of abattoirs as developments in the Food Standards Agency’s investigation into the presence of horsemeat in beef products continues.

Mr George said, “The investigation into this scandal must be thorough and those who have been complicit in deceiving the public must be brought to justice. While this work continues, it is important to remember and recognise the extremely hard work of small Welsh abattoirs who continue to set exceptionally high standards. Amid on-going and understandable public worry, it is vital that we do not forget these businesses and continue to have faith in their abilities to provide a first-class service. We must ensure that the illegal behaviour of a minority does not affect the prestigious reputation of Welsh food.”

Antoinette Sandbach AM, Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, said, “It is vital that Welsh Ministers work closely with the UK Government to keep the public fully informed throughout these on-going investigations. Illegal and deceptive practices must be stamped out and I have absolute faith that this will happen in the long-term. Public confidence in our abattoirs, many of which are small businesses, should not be shaken at this time. Their exceptional work and produce remain a source of great Welsh pride and I hope all Assembly Members recognise this by signing the statement of opinion.”




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  1. Miss Piggy

    February 19, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    Fine words. Shame they are going to make the farmer and small producer pay the full going rate to have a vet at the abattoir. The Ministry pay this at the moment, as it is they who insist a vet is there to check the animals as they offload, and then check the carcass, making sure it is all fit for human consumption, and stamping it for traceablilty.
    The extra cost will make small producers give up, as it would take any profit from the meat, and make desperate producers kill at home. So on one hand, praise us all for the good job we are doing, and on the other hand, take the means to do the job away…

  2. admin

    February 20, 2013 at 9:25 am

    It is about time ‘SOMEONE’ talked to small producers and also listened to them. Understand the reality of the problems they are facing not just now but over the last few years. Wales cannot afford to lose small producers but it certainly needs to open its eyes and ears and get a grip of the serious problem.