What’s On?

02 Apr

Over the weekend a Welsh food producer was trying to see if there was any additional information out there on food festivals and markets. Foolishly, they went onto Fork2Fork, clicked on the tab ‘What’s On’ then selected Food Festivals from the list on the left, and clicked ‘Apply’. But for the forthcoming months all that showed up is a blank map. Which was summarised by this producer as, says it all really….

But not to be totally thwarted, their next option was to click on the tab for Farmers Markets and Aberystwyth, which was when the pop up box gave the wrong info!!!

I can’t resist adding my little bit, so I checked out F2F this morning and note that Clydach and Ruthin are still shown as operating markets. I actually posted on 25th January that Clydach and Grovesend markets were no longer trading. On 20th March I then posted that Ruthin market had bitten the dust too, but sadly no-one has thought to tell F2F.

So let’s have a reality check. F2F is the company that had £800k to promote markets/box schemes and farm shops, through the Supply Chain Efficiencies Scheme, so wouldn’t you have expected them to have had their fingers on the food pulse? Yes of course you would, but seemingly the powers-that-be don’t seem too perturbed. Let’s not also forget that this very same company that has also received a further ‘donation’ from the Supply Chain Efficiencies Scheme of £43k for additional activity for the website, some further information circulation. Well in my view, that’s  not working either, but will the powers-that-be shown any concern?

No need for answers on a postcard, simply post your comments and remember that you have no need to reveal who you are, that detail remains just between us.


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  1. trader

    April 3, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    If Wales had joined up writing then we wouldn’t have this problem.
    What’s On in food? There’s only your lot keeping us in any food loop. It’s been said before, many times it aint your job. I shan’t annoy you further by saying you’re not getting paid for keeping us in this loop! And bet wag wished you didn’t bother too.
    I’ll be honest, if I could get out of food I would. I think being a civil servant might be best for me as I’m not always civil and never served very well either, so that should help me.

  2. BBB

    April 4, 2013 at 9:43 am

    To be fair, having read this, I contacted them to have our local Farmers Market added to the listings – well, as the Treasurer, cannot afford to pass up free advertising…

    Recieved an email back the following day saying thanks for the info, and the listing should go live very shortrly.

    Quietly impressed…

    At the end of the day, all of these sites are only as good as the info thry’re given – the problem of info flow always has been a two-way one.

  3. admin

    April 4, 2013 at 9:50 am

    I agree it’s a two way street, but when you are being paid £43k for a year to keep the website updated I’d have expected for them to be on the phone chasing and updating
    It’s not too difficult to answer the phone or emails and then say you are able to update – that’s not hard at all is it?
    Not sure if they should already have known about your market after their £800k two-year stint but if that’s the case why haven’t they rung someone there and got an update?
    It’s easy to do free advertising on £43k per year and I don’t blame you at all for using them.
    It’s the additional £43k how can that be justified? I cannot see the value-for-money and sure you could find better use for that amount of cash and make better use of it.