Food Festival Funding

05 Apr

After waiting for the wag festival funding list to arrive as promised on w/c 1st April, which means it may be the 5th.

Not hearing from wag food, I emailed this afternoon to be told they are awaiting ministerial approval. No further detail given. I’ve gone back again asking when will I have this information and now been told basically they don’t know when the minister will approve although it is marked ‘urgent’

Apparently the best idea is for food festival organisers is to contact wag food direct, sorry but there’s absolutely no point in any more people pestering me for information. I don’t have it!!!!!!

I’ve said that once we receive the list we’ll send if around our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers and that will happen – promise. Now there is nothing else I can do. Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m only relaying what I’m told from wag food. I’m sure they meant it when they told me this will be out w/c 1st April, but I should have known better shouldn’t I?

I’m only sorry for organisers who find waiting for news of wag funding so stressful. I really do wonder why so many of you take on this so often thankless role.


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    April 5, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    you of all people should know better than to expect wag to deliver when promised! Come on it’s only April
    Patience is a virtue …..but even a saint would have run out ot patience with wag food
    we can just keep on waiting.
    I agree with you I would not run a festival not for anything wag don’t deserve it. Meanwhile we can only guess which festivals are running this year.
    Well done wag anther great performance supporting our food trade.

  2. producer

    April 8, 2013 at 8:53 am

    expect wag to be on time, don’t be silly
    it matters not to them when this list comes out as long as they make it this year
    I agree I would not be a festival organiser when wag can’t get their act together I cannot see any excuse at all for this taking so long and again I agree that their list should have been out last year, this is stupid.

  3. producer TWO

    April 8, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Nearly the middle of April and we still wait for wag, but not by choice because we don’t have a say.
    It’s unbelievable it really is
    Thank heavens wag food are not running a business and just relying on us paying for them.
    Sad that they can’t help us that our trying to run businesses. What’s really annoying me is that they don’t seem to care, but I’m expecting too much as always
    We wait for the Minister to sign this funding list off. So is he really going to go down each festival, examine their paperwork in detail, page by page or are we actually waiting for him to rubber stamp the civil servants decisions – however they have been reached? Rubber stamping does take time though

    How you keep on flogging this dead horse that’s wag I’ll never know, but thanks anyway. At least you are still on our side. I do agree with Trader, even a saint would have run out of patience with wag food. But not sure we have promoted you to sainthood, yet!
    No point asking when the new food head man arrives, something else we have to wait to be told OFFICIALLY – in wag’s good time of course.
    Thanks though for letting us know about him though. Best of welsh is great value for money and worth much more than we actually pay, even in these tough times. We get so much info and news from you

  4. butcher boy

    April 9, 2013 at 8:29 am

    Likely to be the 5th April – Kath you should have asked wag which year!
    None of us are surprised though, this is how wag operate, they have no urgency, no forward thought. As you’ve been saying for ever, this funding should have been agreed and rubber stamped by our Mininster man at the end of last year. Doubt if the new man whenever we are officially told he’s arrived to work will make the changes that are so much needed but wag have never managed to do even years later.
    I’d never run a food festival for wag to be treated like this. It’s an unfunny joke but wag’s the laughing stock along with our food industry.
    I can’t see new man having the bottle to make big changes and that is what we need. If he ever talks to us that are at the lower end of the food chain it will be something, but he needs to be able to listen and take action for us abd I can’t see that happening. He’ll still not be getting advice from people in the know and I don’t mean wag’s brown-nosed food consultants either.

  5. Give up

    April 11, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    I cannot imagine the stress organsiers are under whilst waiting for wag’s festival funding to be announced especially when there’s no need for i, as you say it should have been out end of last year.
    This is a disgrace.

  6. producer

    April 23, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Can’t say I enjoyed reading latest mess-up on funding this year, you’ve been going on about this for years and years. I agree with so many of the comments and those saying kick wag into touch. You’re not appreciated by them, let alone paid by them for your expertise, all they do is make life even more difficult. Proving that it’s not just food producers they’ve no respect for, it’s the welsh press too even though you’ve supported food to the hilt. No sensible person would take that attitude, especially with the press. It’s unprofessional. You’re also right saying their apathy couldn’t exist in private companies because they’d end up with no clients!
    You’ve put a lot of effort in and got no help from them. Call it a day girl. Nothing changes or improves in civil service land and I’ve certainly been in this industry long enough to know that. You’ve made a huge difference to us producers and seeing you both at festivals and markets and knowing we can talk to you and trust you has made a difference. The magazine is top qulaity, it works and has improved so much over the years. Your support for food cannot be matched, but I just feel sadness that your stance with the old management backfired and it looks like it continues. hope to see you soon

  7. admin

    April 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    With so many producers and traders agreeing with you and your people then you would have expected wag after all this time to wash out their ears and listen.
    But it is still not happening and I’m not the only producer that thinks why did I go into food. I don’t expect wag to hold my hand, far from it, but I do expect them to behave professionally and understand the market. That means listening to producers and not those in supermarkets. There are many of us that never will go that way but we are ignored unless we have somehow managed to win a true taste.
    You and your team are the ones with your fingers on the pulse, you know what is going on in this market, all your team graft for us, thanks