Food Questions

17 Apr

The team and I were having a chat this morning during a brief respite from proof-reading our M/June issue, the discussion was about the the large number of food questions we’d received in the office, in just one week. The questions came from not only our Best Of Welsh & Borders food producers, but from festival organisers too. The calls all begin with ‘hope you don’t mind me picking your brains, but you’re sure to know the answer’. Well if they’re advertisers with us and supporting Welsh Country magazine, then of course we do bend over backwards and do our to solve their problem, but some of them aren’t with us, but getting  10 out of 10 for cheek. Then we have to remind them that we support and help those that are with us and if they are not  then this is wag food’s telephone number, refraining from asking why they didn’t pester them first. As we no longer know who is left in the food department or their roles, that’s all do, bearing in mind that it has still cost us time and money.

What did raise a smile, but then grumble, was why are we often the first point of contact for food queries when it should automatically be the food department shouldn’t it? For any of our advertisers, our team know they are there to help and if we haven’t got the answer, we’ll still try and find it, as it’s one of our free add-on services, even though it feels like we are running wag’s unofficial food information centre. I’m sure if I was wag food, I’d want to know why questions aren’t being directed at them, the supposed source of knowledge and information, but perhaps they don’t realise they are not always the first point of call. If they can’t grasp why not, they only need to read welshfoodbites and see how much effort I have to make to get answers from them, bearing in mind I’m a journalist, which means in the UK at any rate, that I get prompt answers and great service. But allow me to offer further help, again for free, for wag to get further help on this, I suggest they need an image change, along with a reminder that without food producers and festival organisers not many wag food people would have a job, whilst a further reminder is that these very people pay their salaries. More food for thought here?


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  1. honey man

    April 17, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    People will come to you and yes try to take advantage because of the way you work and your know-how of what is going on in food and more to the point, what should be changed. It’s wrong for anyone to quiz you for help, but they’ll understand, they are running businesses too. It’s only wag that don’t get the business theory.
    It’s as clear as crystal as to why those people don’t bother ringing the Aber glass block, why would you? But annoying for you I understand that bit

  2. Jo

    April 18, 2013 at 8:46 am

    You’re fighting a war with wag that you’ll never win. You’ve won a few battles, but you’ll not be thanked for your efforts.
    When we were under the old regime, you said to me that we’ve got the food depart we deserve. I agreed as we’re too scared to complain. So you took our side but it’s not helped your company with wag has it? Plus created lots of work and aggro for you.
    You’ve had guts to do it and I admire you for the stance you have taken and the changes you have got through.
    As producers we’re apathetic because we don’t trust wag and don’t wish to be blackballed if we want to push our companies forward and grow them. It’s not the way I want to do business but they are in control, they’re in the driving seat, even though they have not passed a test, and you can’t change that.
    I wanted wag to work with you because that’s the only way forward and selfishly it would improve our lot and yours too. But that’s pie-in-the-sky

  3. Mr Pickle

    April 18, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    This site is addictive and I spend too much time on here and have to limit myself to a weekly visit, but it is so informative.
    I’m sorry you are wasting time again on our behalf. I wanted this list months ago to try and sort out which festivals were going to work best for me as I’m not doing as many this year. I’m knocking on the head those that take traders that only make 15 jars of jam in a week and give the stuff away, undercutting professional traders like me. Having the list would have helped, but I’m not getting at you, you couldn’t have done more. This is not fair on you and your people.

  4. cheeky

    April 22, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    if people or companies aren’t advertising with you, tell them where to go. Are they too stupid to think that you need advertisers to keep going? Why should you be polite, they’re being cheeky, so tell em where to go. Direct them to wag and see how far they get with that lot, let wag waste their time.
    It’s not your job to be a wag food information bureau and they are totally out of order asking.
    They are cheeky b – – – – – s
    You’re too kind and have enough to do looking after us lot!

  5. producer

    April 23, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    give those cheeky people a ruder version of on your bike.
    the 1st port of call is wag food not you and if wag food can’t help, which could well be the case, tough luck on them.