Contract Quandary For Wag

21 Jun

Apparently one of our local AMs, Elin Jones has been told that small catering firms are being denied the opportunity to bid for government contracts.

The government employs over 270 staff at its regional headquarters at Aberystwyth and issues an all-Wales contract to provide catering services at several of it offices. Well that sounds ok so far but the stumbling block is that a minimum turnover of £2 million per year is a requirement before firms can tender. Well if you live in mid-Wales you’ll not be surprised to learn that there are not many firms that turnover £2m, let alone catering companies! I understood the idea of devolving Welsh Government offices to areas like Aberystwyth was to help local businesses and suppliers. Bearing in mind how expensive it was to re-jig and build new offices, here there and everywhere, not to mention moving staff and paying staff off that refused to moved, what was the point?

Ms. Jones states: “The government’s policy on public-sector procurement should give a fair chance to small and medium sized businesses”.

Well I’m in agreement with her comment, but now I want to know how she intends to stop this unfairness. She challenged Alun Davies, the Minister for Natural resources and Food in the Assembly last week but I have no idea what happens next. Being the government could this be swept under their already lumpy carpet?


Why am I bothering blogging this you might ask? Well a couple of reason really, firstly to support our Best Of Welsh producers that are involved in catering, then to raise awareness, but also to rattle the cages of those in power who are more than aware that this blatant unfairness has always gone on. It’s gone on because smaller producers haven’t an official voice like the NFU or FUW and they’re reluctant to challenge the government for risk of being blackballed in the future.


It’s a sorry state of affairs, that’s for sure.




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  1. caterer

    June 24, 2013 at 10:57 am

    Wish Wales had a level playing field
    Turnover £2million – who’s the comic?
    Don’t encourage us or support us to grow, let’s just carry on fighting on a lumpy playing field

  2. food lady

    June 24, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    It’s not a quandry for wag it’s another wag food shambles
    £2m turnover what a place to start.
    Hope other AMs are making noises on this matter not that I’m any longer hopeful that things will change in this tender system
    your face has to fit let alone T/O status.