Wag Supports Halo Foods

23 Aug

The Welsh Government has offered £356,000 to Halo Food’s related to its investment in its Newport, south Wales site which will become its European Centre for snack bars. The business had considered relocating all its bar manufacturing operations to Eastern Europe and this investment is said to help it safeguard manufacturing and jobs in Wales.

Managing director Robin Williams said: “Halo Foods considered a number of options relating to its manufacturing footprint, which also included the possibility of relocating its entire bar manufacturing operation to Eastern Europe. However, with assistance from the Welsh Government, it has been able to secure its future in Newport, south Wales where a new 25-year lease has been agreed, and a significant investment will be made to upgrade the facility.”

Well it’s good news that some manufacturing and jobs have been safeguarded for Wales and that wag has still got some money left in its coffers.


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  1. trader

    August 28, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Some companies whose faces fit with wag get support in abundance whilst other small producers get ignored by wag all the time. But they can’t play the moving abroad card, as you need t employ big-time to get wag support