Funded Food Festival Calendar

14 Oct

Sure this might be of interest. There was a question raised in the Senedd about the food festival calendar. Follows is the transcript of part of the food question asked in the Senedd on Wednesday 9th October

William Powell( Assembly Member)

Minister, would you give consideration to bringing about a more coherent strategy in terms of the scheduling of such festivals so as to maximise the business opportunities for our food and drink producers?


Alun Davies (Minister)

I am happy to give consideration to such a matter, but I say to the Member for Mid and West Wales that I do not think that any of us want local food festivals scheduled by the Minister. These are matters for local communities and local people; they should take decisions about what is best for their local community. I really do not think that we want too much central command and control of these matters.

Annoyingly the Minister hasn’t grasped the point or the problem. I am not aware of anyone on the ‘outside’ like the Welsh food producers who would wish Mr Davies to take it upon himself to schedule our food festivals. What ‘we’ are asking for, is for his food department to apply some commonsense before they award funding to festivals, when too many local festivals are running over the same weekend. His department should have told organisers, years ago, that they should discuss and arrange local dates to avoid any clashing. If this cannot be done between organisers, wag food department should warn them that if that’s the case, then funding might not be awarded to festivals running in the same area, over the same weekend. It is commonsense that producers are not always able to attend two fairly local venues on the same weekend. It is is commonsense that not many local foodies will travel over a weekend to attend two local events. It is commonsense that people/visitors haven’t as much money to spend. However I do have to also accept that commonsense is not commonly available…………………………………………….as seems apparent in government or the civil service!!



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  1. producer

    October 14, 2013 at 11:15 am

    It’s so obvious that our festival calendar should be planned out thoroughly. Not just to help producers but to help people wanting to attend and to help organisers too.
    We need punters in, organisers need punters in too.
    I’ve talked to Kath about this problem many times but it doesn’t get any better
    wag festivals are either a feast or a famine – it’s totally stupid and often wasting our money because wag can’t sort it’s calendar out.
    Wag food are supposedly in control, cos they’ve the cash. If as Kath says, yet again, don’t fund them if the organisers can’t work out their dates together, that makes sense to me, real commonsense to me.

  2. Andy

    October 15, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Market organisers have always had to consider ‘ what date’ as a key rider before setting one up, so that they have at least a chance of being sustainable.

  3. Benji7???

    October 15, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    That makes perfect sense to me.