Have Cardiff Lost Out On British Cheese Awards?

27 Nov

Last year the British Cheese Awards took place in Churchill in the Cotswolds and we were told by Cardiff Council that this year they were holding a Country Fair and were going to hold the cheese festival every other year. See relevant story posted on welshfoodbites on 15th May.

So I was rather puzzled to be sent this news from one of our Best Of Welsh producers who’d picked it up from Bath & West. So has Cardiff and therefore Wales and our Welsh cheese and food producers missed out altogether now?

As far as I’m aware this news from Bath & West is correct, but the news is also on thecheeseweb which is the recognised website for the awards. News is as follows:

The prestigious British Cheese Awards will celebrate their coming of age by making their new home at the Royal Bath and West Show in 2014. The National Cheese Awards have been held at the Royal Bath and West Show for a number of years, so joining forces with the British Cheese Awards will broaden the schedule and range of entries, new classes will be added and others merged, though Cheddar will continue to play a significant role.

The 21st Awards will be held the day before the Show with the judging in the morning and the announcement of the winners at the Awards Dinner that evening. Visitors will get the opportunity to taste, smell and experience the extraordinary diversity and complexity of British cheese.

In 2013 the British Cheese Awards attracted 908 entries from 183 British and Irish cheese makers representing an amazing 71 % of all British cheese makers. In addition, to ensure the best rise to the top, judges at the British Cheese Awards do not award first second or third in each class but as many or as few medals as they wish.

Ian has tried today to get news from Cardiff Council about the British Cheese Festival next year and has been told: “Cardiff Council is still in the throes of its budget setting process for 2013/14, so we will need to wait until that is complete before we can confirm next year’s event programme. Hopefully we will know early in the new year.”

As soon as I have further news, I’ll update you.


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  1. producer

    November 29, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Surely Cardiff cannot have lost out on this event.
    Their country fair was a shambles and a loss for us that attended
    It’s a slap in the face for Wales and love to know the true story of what has happened.