2013 Food & Drink Producers Survey (WFPS13)

11 Dec

I have no idea at all what the 2013 Food & Drink Producers Survey is all about. But it’s one of wag’s bright ideas  and I can harldy expect them to tell a journalist, called ‘consultation’ has caused many queries into our office. So please allow me to clarify one point which is that this document, although initially we thought it reasonable, is really not as clear as it should be. The full document does not include the questions the government would like you to answer, even though on the website it says it does. Another point is that this document is not just for Welsh food producers, but for Welsh farmers too. So questions that you think totally pointless might well apply to farmers and vice versa.

I’ve been talking to some Assembly Members about this consultation and that is certainly proving more fruitful than talking to the press office as I’m instructed to do!!

Trawling through some of these pages I noted that a survey was mentioned – The 2013 Food & Drink Producers Survey (WFPS13) which talked to 300 businesses. Now I hadn’t heard of this survey, which comes as no surprise if it was organised by wag, but why would they tell a journalist who is interested in food anything about a food survey? That wouldn’t make sense to wag food and would come under the heading of communication wouldn’t it? So I asked the obvious question of the press office as to which 300 companies were consulted and was told: The 300 interviews were done in confidence and so we, (the press office) don’t have their names.

Well that is a big help isn’t it as wag surrounds itself by more secrecy? Open and transparent, think that relates more to a wondow than wag. My take on it then has to be that these are 300 are of wag’s favoured, funded companies, which are no doubt large companies. Sadly micro companies appear to have fallen off wag’s radar, if they were ever there in the first place. Anyway if you have kept up-to-date on welshfoodbites you’ll be aware that your details will not necessarily be kept confidential, even if you ask for it to be kept under wraps. The official line is:  This was a confidential survey. Participating in a confidential survey is different to responding to a public consultation.

Wag rules, me thinks or it’s just wag rules that we are forced to obey …………………………………



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  1. trader

    December 16, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    You seem to have made a crusade of opening wag’s many cans of worms and here’s another
    think AM’s might be worth a shot and if enough of us do that even by email then it’s worth it

  2. Joe

    December 16, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    if wag could communicate with producers it would help.
    but that is too difficult for them and I can’t work out why new food man wasn’t at winter fair.
    I wasn’t because I can’t afford those prices but that can’t be his excuse