Update – Final Consultation Meeting 14th February

18 Feb

Many thanks to one of our very helpful Best Of Welsh & Border producers who visited last night, then sent me an email, saying that last Friday’s meeting in Carmarthen, about the Action Plan For Food & Drinks Industry, did not take place due to the weather. That meeting now takes place this Friday.

Whenever possible, we do try and verify any updates coming through to us. In this case, although we knew the source would be spot-on, we felt a point needed to be made. So Ian rang wag food department, I shall refrain from naming the person he spoke to, but he was told his information was correct and the Press Office had issued a press release last week. This was sent to local weekly newspapers, one mentioned was the Carmarthen Journal, there was no apology or explanation as to why we’d been ignored, par for the course methinks. But this is the new regime in action – or maybe not! However I must give my congratulations to the Press Office for issuing a rare food related press release!

My next job is to update and then to email the Welsh Press Office and ask why this press release wasn’t sent to me, despite the fact I’ve now asked them twice for numbers attending each of wag food’s four meetings, I thought that would have registered my interest, not just in these four meetings but in Welsh food and drink, but seemingly not.

Isn’t it a good job Ian and I have very little else to do than keep chasing the food department and the Press Office, just because neither team can be bothered to communicate to Welsh Country or welshfoodbites. They’ve no need to worry that we go to the printers tomorrow with the M/April issue of Welsh Country magazine…………………………………..

My next question for the Press Office now, is how many local weeklies actually received and published this food related press release? The Carmarthen meeting was the most western of the four consultations and so covered all the way to Fishguard and Milford Haven, plus we were aware of people travelling from the Brecon area to the Carmarthen meeting. I do hope that WAG covered all the newspapers covering all these areas, or perhaps, as many believe, wag food are only offering lip service to this consultation. I wonder if the Press Office managed to issue this press release to fork2fork who wag are paying £43k to keep their website updated for 12 months! More food for thought and more money wasted is my view to date.

  1. Jay

    February 19, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Communicate, communicate, communicate
    this is a tough message to get through to wag and proves to me we need a union