2013 Food Festival Evaluation Report

02 May

I thought I’d made it clear, but seemingly I haven’t, so my apologies. I’m still being asked for a copy of this report which was requested by wag of CLES/Wavehill for last year’s festivals. This is another occasion when I’ve asked the press office so many times when it will be available and got nowhere!

I asked yet again on  28th April and was told: It is not available yet but is in the process of being finalised so should be available on the website soon.

I went back once more, for civil service definition of ‘soon’ and was then was told that the press office: will try and let me know when it’s published. Or if I want to, email them again in about 2 weeks?  

Well that’s a huge amount of help isn’t it? Of course I’ve nothing else worthwhile to do but keep chasing the press office for information which I think should have been out in the public domain months ago, but that means nothing at all to wag food.

Anyway when we do eventually get this evaluation report it will be emailed around our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers. Those of you that are with us on Best Of Welsh know that we keep you updated with as much information as  we can extricate from wag food. I appreciate it’s not much, but you also know by now that wag food do not wish to communicate to food producers about what’s happening in their industry. Their onus appears to be waste as much of Kath’s time as we can, make her life as difficult as we can and then if we really have to give her some answers she’ll circulate them and we then don’t have to bother!

There have been rumours that there is a rogue copy of this evaluation report in circulation, but it has certainly not been sent here in a brown envelope with childish hand writing as other interesting wag food information has been. Great pity that. But what will be an even greater shame is when we do eventually get this report, if it’s not worth the paper that it’s printed on…………………………

Perhaps this delay is because we’ve to wait until Minister Alun Davies launches hi new action plan, that doesn’t make sense to me, but then I’m not a civil servant so it doesn’t have to!!!





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  1. trader boyyo

    May 12, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Impatient Kath, why are you wanting the evaluation for LAST year’s food festivals now. It’s only mid May. Don’t forget there were two fairs held in December so Wavehill must have been very, very busy ticking their boxes for wag. The wag will have had to through Wavehill’s words of make believe, and Mr minister man will have spent weeks considering it.
    Kath you are too impatient. You should know by now you cannot hurry the wag food department, it’s just not possible, clever though you are! I thought civil servants had just one speed
    Seriously though thanks for all your work I don’t know how you keep going on it though but it’s a big help to us all you are proving more and more ways that this team isn’t working for u even with new person.