Wag Rules…………………….?

01 Sep

The organisers told me officially of a Food Festival Seminar being held at Llangollen Pavilion on the 6th of February, this year. I was actually invited, but in my role as a journalist, with deadlines, to meet I couldn’t attend. Following the seminar  wasn’t told officially of the outcome, but certainly heard about it on our Welsh food grapevine. The news was that a formal body should be created of food festivals in Wales to represent the interests of food festivals in Wales and encourage collaboration between food events in Wales.

I wasn’t told of a working group that met on 19th March at the wag offices at Aberystwyth to discuss the concept of creating a grouping of every food festival in Wales to represent the interests of food festivals in Wales. However I’ve recently had some information sent through from a supporter of welshfoodbites. This has been sent in full by email to our Best Of Welsh & Border producers, so they are at least kept in the picture on what is going on in their industry.

Wag’s mission statement also says:  The working group would like the opinion of every food festival in Wales and stakeholders in the industry on the points of the proposal

Wag recently told me: Given your extensive ongoing correspondence with us, principally via our Press Office, and your active involvement as a stakeholder in the recent consultation on our new Food and Drink Action Plan

Well that’s very interesting, no I’m wrong there, it’s very annoying. According to wag food, who’ve recently decided I’m no longer a journalist, apparently wag know better than me that my role has changed within Welsh Country magazine, but it sounds as if wag food have now decreed that I’m no longer a stakeholder in the industry. So when is a stakeholder not a stakeholder? Have wag just changed their mind, but it’s too much hassle to tell me? It seems wag rules, or rather wag make up their own rules as they go along, but haven’t got the courtesy to tell me I’m now no longer considered a stakeholder by them. Wag food state they want feedback on their proposals on this proposed food festival group, but looks like only from the people they wish to have opinions from! I’m so sorry not to have been able to pass on my words of wisdom to wag food, that’s a shame. Wag and wag food will just have to keep reading welshfoodbites ………………..

The Welsh Government’s Food Division have agreed to provide a grant of £30,000 to set up the new association (subject to the specific items of expenditure being clearly identified).

For any of you that are not with us as Best Of Welsh & Border producers, but want more news about the food festival organisers group I suggest you talk directly to wag food. Good luck on that one!


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  1. cup cake

    September 3, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    I’m not sure I always get your wicked sense of humour, but heading this as wag rule – is certainly not funny when you are raising such serious issues that are of concern to all producers.
    Producers have always been scared of approaching wag food which is why you have taken on so much on our behalf. Now it’s backfired on you and it isn’t fair. If a journalist can’t question this lot, then what have we come to? We are being dictated to, bossed around like kids. Wag food pay lip service to listening to us, after ticking their blessed boxes, and that’s all we have, lip service.
    How many tradestands did the new guy visit at RWAS? Not many is what I was told and that’s dreadful after he’s been in the job over a year. Not worthy of his precious time to talk to tradestanders, that sums his team up in my take on it.
    I didn’t ever think that the new regime at wag food would bully you as the old one did. So much for having a new lot then, it has made no difference, the bullying continues and their attitude is still poor.
    What a disgrace that this department can behave like this. If only they could behave like adults, we’d have a better industry and happier producers.