Pragmatic Approach to Cross Compliance Welcomed by NFU Cymru

07 Nov


Follows in full is a press release received today from NFU which might give a little hope to our farmers and indirectly help our Welsh food and drink producers:

NFU Cymru President, Stephen James, has welcomed the pragmatic approach adopted by

Deputy Minister for Food and Farming, Rebecca Evans, regarding changes to Cross Compliance requirements in Wales from 2015 following the announcement of the final decisions earlier this week.

Mr James said, “Whilst we have to acknowledge that not all decisions have gone in our favour, the robust arguments we have put forward have resulted in a number of the original proposals being dropped. From 2015, farmers will no longer be required to keep a Soil Assessment Record and proposals, in Cross Compliance, for the control of Invasive Non-Native Species, no first plough or no new drainage of organic or peat soils and the extension of hedgerow cutting and trimming requirements to include scrub, will not now be taken forward.

“We have also seen a more sensible approach being adopted than originally proposed to the requirements relating to minimum soil cover and protection of groundwater. 

“We are, however, concerned about the increased regulatory burden that will be placed on farmers in NVZ areas and are disappointed that the system of inspections and penalties was not the subject of this consultation.  As a Union we continue to call for a sanction regime that is more proportionate in its approach. 

“The Commission Regulations provide the opportunity for Welsh Government to set up an early warning system applying to cases of non-compliance of minor severity, extent and duration and it is vital that this is used it the fullest extent possible in Wales.

“Going forward it is clear that there are a number of worrying proposals which may result in amendments to the new Cross Compliance regime post 2015, including the review of the Slurry, Silage and Agricultural Fuel Oil Regulations together with plans to bring the maintenance of Public Rights of Way into Cross Compliance further down the line.”

Mr James ended, “Cross Compliance is an issue that affects every farmer in Wales so it is vital now that Welsh Government get updated Cross Compliance information out to farmers as soon as possible, as the new regime will be implemented from January 2015. Going forward NFU Cymru will continue to lobby forcefully to ensure that farmers here in Wales do not face more burdensome and costly conditions to unlock the Basic Payment Scheme than farmers elsewhere.”



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  1. Dee

    November 11, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    At least farmers have got the NFU and FUW to support them – two groups and apart from Kath and her team, we’ve nothing else supporting us.
    Two unions, that’s greedy when we’ve haven’t even got one!