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Back To The Board

14 Jul

A Best Of Welsh & Border producer told me this morning that on wag’s website there is a brief CV and images of some of the people on wag food’s latest talking shop. Thanks for keeping me in that loop.

Their post says: The Board will be the voice of the food and drink industry in Wales, providing direction, encouraging networking and sharing vital information. It will take shared ownership with Welsh Government of Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food and Drink Industry 2014-2020, and report on its progress to Ministers, and in time may move to a position where is will be independent of government.

The Food & Drink Board will be the ‘voice’ of the Welsh food and drink industry is just more words, but I can see little action. I do wonder how it can be the voice of this industry when wag food is unable to communicate to its Welsh food and drink producers. I’ve been telling them for years that this is one of their many basic problems, but as so often happens my words fall on wag food’s deaf ears. After all what do I know about Welsh food and drink? Ok I can hear you all shouting – nothing!!!

Then we are told that the ‘new’ board will take shared ownership with the Welsh Government of Towards Sustainable Growth: An Action Plan for the Food & Drink Industry 2014 -2020. How can the new board take ‘shared’ ownership? It can only do as the Welsh Government directs them. As is always the case, Wag are the ones in charge, which is made crystal clear in the composition of this board. Has anyone any idea which of these businesses elected onto this board have not received funding from wag? Then I have to ask where are the micro producers? Is Buster classed as that? Or are wag food once more deciding that micro businesses are not that important here.

Can wag food tell me how many micro food and drink producers there are in Wales?

Can wag food clarify how they communicate to any food and drink producers in Wales?