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Scottish Government Considers Enshrining The Right To Food

18 Nov

Following a report by the Independent Working Group on food poverty, the Scottish Government is considering enshrining the ‘right to food’ in Scots Law. Enshrining this in law would in effect make the government responsible for ensuring everybody has access to affordable food. The Independent Working Group wants to not only give people further opportunities to access nutritious food, but also to experience community meals and develop culinary skills, with the belief that this would do more to counter the problem of long-term food poverty.

The Scottish Government provides funding for the Food For Life Catering Mark which encourages schools to meet standards in provision of fresh, traceable food meeting nutrition guidelines. Over one third of Scottish primary schools now serve FFL Catering Mark meals.

Interesting news from Scotland.


Wales To Host Great Taste Judging Roadshow

18 Nov

Regular readers will not be surprised – that wag food didn’t tell me this – but Lesley Griffiths, Wag’s Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Rural Affairs, has announced that Wales will host judging of Great Taste 2017’s Welsh entries to Great Taste 2017 on home soil.

The judging will form part of the eight week process where 10,000 products from the UK and beyond will be assessed by hundreds of independent judges.

Apparently the Cabinet Secretary announced the news at a celebration event for 2016’s Welsh Great Taste winners but seemingly her team didn’t think this worthy news to tell the Welsh media. Obviously no publicity required.

It remains a mystery to me that wag food still have learnt how to communicate to Welsh food and drink producers or the Welsh media. For me it is commonsense but as we frequently say in our Welsh Country magazine office, commonsense is not commonly available, and certainly not, it appears in wag food. That’s such a shame as it’s another opportunity lost and with Welsh food and drink supposedly being so important to wag, you have to ask why this is?

You really couldn’t make this up …………………….



Welsh Cheese In Aldi?

16 Nov

The reason I ask is that I was looking through their Christmas and New Year booklet – all 50 pages of it. As I’m a cheese lover of course I’d to look at the double-page feature – titled Glorious Cheese – and searched for Welsh cheeses. Well that didn’t take long because as you might know if you’re a Welsh cheese producer, or an Aldi shopper, there’s little Welsh cheese in stocked in Aldi in Wales. So no Welsh cheeses in this feature although there was Cornish Blue, Yorkshire Blue, Buxton Blue and plenty of French cheeses too.

We’ve a number of top Welsh cheese producers in our Best Of Welsh & Borders listing so I thought I’d take some time yesterday, Tuesday 15th to direct my displeasure through the Aldi press office. This I’ve done and had an acknowledgement, but nothing further. At least I’ve tried and I can only hope wag food are trying hard as well.

I seem to be on a cheese theme this week as I also posted today the good news that South Caernarfon Creameries, SCC, have got a selection of their cheddars into all Lidl stores in Wales. We were so chuffed to hear this news and as SCC are with us on Best Of Welsh & Borders, Ian took to Twitter saying shame that Aldi cannot have Welsh cheeses in the Christmas platter. That was quickly responded to by Aldi with them saying: thank you for taking the time to leave feedback; we’ll pass this onto the relevant team.

Goodness knows if anything else will happen and of course it’s too late now for Christmas, but maybe it just might Aldi think again about stocking some of the wonderful array of food and drink that we have in Wales. Welsh food and drink should be stocked at least in Welsh branches of Aldi and Lidl. Of course I’m aware that not too many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers wish to go the supermarket route but for those that do wag food should be helping them on this journey.

As I keep saying I hope the wag food team are on this case ………………………..