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Focus On Fishing In Ceredigion

08 Jan
There’s to be a focus on fishing in Ceredigion.

Last week I was sent this press release by Ceredigion County Council focusing on fishing in Ceredigion and it is shown below in full:

Funding has been received for the fishing industry, fishing communities, groups and organisations involved in the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Cardigan Bay coast and inland waters from St Dogmaels to St Dogmaels

The Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) was originally established as a local partnership in 2012 in response to the opportunities opened up through Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013.

Building on the successes of the last programme of European Fisheries Funding, Cardigan Bay FLAG have received more funding. This project has received funding through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, which is funded by the European Union and the Welsh Government.

This community led local development funding will enable a programme of activity to be developed and delivered in the Cardigan Bay FLAG area.

Councillor Gareth Lloyd, Ceredigion County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for Economic and Community Development said, “The Cardigan Bay FLAG, which is a private, volunteer, community, and public sector partnership, aims to assist coastal communities and the local fishing industry to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life in the area. With FLAG maintaining a strong vision going forward for Cardigan Bay, this is the perfect opportunity for people to come forward with ideas they may have to build successful, sustainable, economically viable local fishing and associated industries to meet current and future challenges.”

Revenue support can be provided for areas including Project Development, Pilot Projects, Feasibility Studies, Facilitation, Training, Mentoring and Consultation.

The 2007-13 FLAG operated across the Cardigan Bay area from Cardigan to Aberdyfi. The new 2014-20 Cardigan Bay FLAG will also incorporate St Dogmaels in the south and Barmouth in the north and will seek to build on the success of the previous programme. They will benefit from the networks and relationships built with industry and community stakeholders in order to drive balanced and sustainable growth for the industry.

If you have ideas that will benefit your local community and think this funding might be applicable, contact Alison Kinsey the Cardigan Bay FLAG Coordinator on or 01545 574162.

Applications for the first scheduled evaluation need to be submitted by 5pm, 16 February 2018.

We have a number of fishermen with us under our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers so of course they get our backing but I can only beg them to play an active part in making sure this funding is used responsibly and productively. This is their chance to state their case and I shall be very cross if they don’t! In the past, and not just in fishing, we get excited when any funding is announced, but that often turns to anger and frustration when those in charge don’t listen to those who work long and hard in the relevant sector. The feedback is that Government and Councils, are simply playing lip-service, ticking a box instead of listening and understanding the problems facing, in this case our fishermen, and then create a plan that will make best use of the funding on offer. Our fishing industry is a valuable resource to the Welsh Food & Drink and we must ensure that we back our Welsh fishermen to the hilt but this will only happen if the decision-makers thoroughly understand the problems our fishermen are facing, and facing on a daily basis. Fishing is a tough job and currently is only made even tougher by the huge amounts of red tape our fisherman face whilst foreign boats seem to fish in Welsh waters with ease.