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Kath Rhodes, Editor of Welsh Country magazine, welcomes you to welshfoodbites.
Welshfoodbites is my personal reflections and comments relating to the world of Welsh food. This site was created as a means of communication between our artisan food producers that are working with us in Welsh Country magazine, under our Best Of Welsh & Borders feature. Our producers wanted the opportunity to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the food industry here in Wales, what’s happening with the Welsh Government Food, Fisheries and Market Development Division, our food festivals in fact anything food related. I have promised all those leaving comments that it is done in total confidence which has given producers confidence to say what they think! In practice welshfoodbites is not just for producers, because the blog is getting lots of comments from many who are simply Welsh food lovers – they just want to know what’s going on and feel a small part of the Welsh food scene.
Read, learn hopefully, enjoy – yes that too – remembering these are my observations, my remarks, my views but I’m sure we are not all going to agree all the time!! Thanks Kath

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