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Welsh Food & Drink Market In Cardigan

12 Sep

Welsh Food & Drink Market In Cardigan  

Welsh food and drink will feature in a weekly market in Cardigan thanks to Mum of two and founder of Cardigan Bay Brownies, Nerys Evans. She is in the process of establishing Blas, a new food and drink market and a much-needed brand for Cardigan. Cardigan Bay Brownies are a Best Of Welsh & Borders advertiser with Welsh Country magazine and the magazine, with their strong local food and drink ethos are fully supporting this project – hoping this pilot scheme will be the first of many across Wales.


The new venture in conjunction with Menter Aberteifi will be held in the Guildhall Courtyard every Saturday morning and will officially open in the next few weeks. Nerys is looking for local food and drink producers and businesses who would be interested in attending the Guildhall Courtyard in Cardigan every Saturday morning to sell their produce.

Nerys is aware that many towns and villages have thriving food markets and she wants that to happen in Cardigan too. She’s hopeful that the Courtyard within the Guildhall and indoor market complex can work as a welcoming social hub for local people as well as visitors and she is convinced that the market can function how it used to some 30 years ago and wants people to buy local.

Nerys can remember as a child that the upper market in Cardigan was really busy and that’s what she wishes to replicate. She’s pleased that everyone involved with the Guildhall is most supportive of Blas. There are tables and chairs in the Courtyard where people will be able to meet and socialise after shopping. With around 12 to 14 stalls there will be plenty of choice for people to come along and buy local.

Blas will open in the Guildhall courtyard from 8.30am until 12.30. Cost is £15 per stall. Nerys has already been in discussions with Ceredigion Country Council as regards parking for loading and unloading to make things easier for producers and talks are on- going. With the enthusiasm of Nerys and Menter Aberteifi there is no reason Blas cannot be a thriving hub for Cardigan.





Food Festival Conference / Funding Update

16 Mar

Please don’t chase me for an update on wag’s food festival conference / get together which was to be held yesterday. I’ve been told, by someone was attending that is was postponed and will be held at a future date. I do apologise for not posting earlier but swamped with work at the moment and couldn’t rate this as a priority – sorry.

For those of you that are also a little behind, follows is my post that was posted on 1st March:

I’m still getting calls and emails asking about this year’s and I so wish people would either read welshfoodbites or ring the Welsh Government Food Department themselves. So at the risk of sounding very much like a stuck record – I do NOT know anything about wag food’s plans on food festival funding for this year and as I keep saying, if I did I’d tell our Best Of Welsh & Borders food producers by email and then post on welshfoodbites.

I have however been sent, not by wag food, but by two Welsh Country magazine supporters, details of a wag food meeting or conference, titled Food Festivals – Building on success – to be held in two weeks time.

I note from the draft outline of the day an item headed, ‘New Funding Scheme For 2017, which will cover, Management, Criteria, Guidelines, Timescales, Next Steps and a Q & A’. So I’m assuming the food festival organisers will then know where they stand for 2017. All I can say is it’s better late than never! I’m looking forward to a festival organiser giving me an update after this meeting as I certainly cannot rely on wag food telling me what’s happening, or if a press release is sent out whether I’ll get sent one.

Please excuse my further confusion at another item titled ‘Food Festival Co-Operation Project’ I’ve no idea what on earth this might be about, or how might work and I can hardly wait to find out – no really I can’t!!!!

I’ve lost count of the number of years I’ve been worried, concerned, annoyed, frustrated, cross, angry, gosh I could go on for ever. But the point is markets and food festivals are the life blood of many Welsh food and drink producers. They need to know early which festivals are running which of course in many instances is related in part to government funding. But year after years we are left waiting to find out what is happening, all because wag food cannot communicate to producers or the media. It seems in wag’s mind it’s not important that producers AND organisers know what is happening and as that seems to be the case, I might as well give up. There is nothing more frustrating than talking to, or at, ‘someone’ who is unable or unwilling to listen……………..


Welsh Cheese In Aldi?

16 Nov

The reason I ask is that I was looking through their Christmas and New Year booklet – all 50 pages of it. As I’m a cheese lover of course I’d to look at the double-page feature – titled Glorious Cheese – and searched for Welsh cheeses. Well that didn’t take long because as you might know if you’re a Welsh cheese producer, or an Aldi shopper, there’s little Welsh cheese in stocked in Aldi in Wales. So no Welsh cheeses in this feature although there was Cornish Blue, Yorkshire Blue, Buxton Blue and plenty of French cheeses too.

We’ve a number of top Welsh cheese producers in our Best Of Welsh & Borders listing so I thought I’d take some time yesterday, Tuesday 15th to direct my displeasure through the Aldi press office. This I’ve done and had an acknowledgement, but nothing further. At least I’ve tried and I can only hope wag food are trying hard as well.

I seem to be on a cheese theme this week as I also posted today the good news that South Caernarfon Creameries, SCC, have got a selection of their cheddars into all Lidl stores in Wales. We were so chuffed to hear this news and as SCC are with us on Best Of Welsh & Borders, Ian took to Twitter saying shame that Aldi cannot have Welsh cheeses in the Christmas platter. That was quickly responded to by Aldi with them saying: thank you for taking the time to leave feedback; we’ll pass this onto the relevant team.

Goodness knows if anything else will happen and of course it’s too late now for Christmas, but maybe it just might Aldi think again about stocking some of the wonderful array of food and drink that we have in Wales. Welsh food and drink should be stocked at least in Welsh branches of Aldi and Lidl. Of course I’m aware that not too many of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers wish to go the supermarket route but for those that do wag food should be helping them on this journey.

As I keep saying I hope the wag food team are on this case ………………………..


Still Waiting For The 2nd Lot Of Festival Funding

04 Aug

I’m finding life hard work trying to get information from the Welsh Food department. Please don’t ask me why, all I’m trying to do is my job, ask questions, get answers and not to be pushed around in circles which ultimately creates more work for everyone. It seems to me that wasting time is easier when you get paid at the end of each month, regardless of whether you’ve done a good job or a bad job.

At the moment I’m chasing to find out which festivals have been funding by wag food in the second batch. The closing date for this second tranche was 14th July and I was told these applications would be dealt within two weeks. Well dear Reader, that is a wag ‘two weeks’ because as on 3rd August there is nothing about the second lot on wag’s website. As far as I’m aware, wag food haven’t sent out a press releasebut I’m not sure. I was promised by wag that I was on their press mailing list, but for some reason, known only to them of course, I didn’t get the first food festival press release. So just in case that had happened again…….. I went on the wag’s website again, but there’s still nothing posted.

I’ve also asked the press office how Abergavenny food festival, Conwy food festival and Cardiff food festival are being funded this year. But I have been told again that ‘I’d agreed’ that I’d not ask them questions for welshfoodbites. Well that’s not  true.  I was told by the Welsh Government press office that they wouldn’t answer any questions for  a blog and that’s what welshfoodbites is. But that’s not my ‘agreeing’ to it when there wasn’t a choice offered to me. My other point is that any Welsh food & drink information that I think is relevant, I post on welshfoodbites, but also email it around our Best Of Welsh & Borders, (BOW) producers. I’m communicating with our producers, which can only be a good thing surely? However it seems that wag think our BOW producers are not important either.

I was told the Welsh Government is being transparent in it’s dealings, well what does that mean? Is it more wag words and no actions? Or is it just lip service to us, wag telling us what they think we want to hear? It just feels like it’s a further dig at Welsh Country and I can’t see why when we are trying to promote Welsh food and drink as we are promoting our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers, as we promote any Welsh markets and Welsh food festivals that want to work with Welsh Country magazine. What is the problem with that? I simply don’t understand it.

But if I can’t talk to the press office I can use Freedom Of Information (FOI), so I can get questions answered, well that’s the theory anyway but I’ve met problems there too over the years. Then I can put those answers on welshfoodbites. So why can’t wag save time and money and simply answer my questions? That makse sense to me but sadly doesn’t  to wag.

Well as I can’t get that information on the three big ones from the press office of wag’s website, then my only other option is to send through a Freedom Of Information question which was done on 29th July. Today I still wait for an acknowledgment……………………………….


Research Into Farmers’ Markets FOI ATISN 10188

04 Mar

I attended two Farmers’ Markets in February and was asked by some producers why they were being contacted and asked questions about Farmers’ Markets. Our lovely Best of Welsh & Borders food and drink producers think I am kept in touch with what’s happening in wag food, but they should know better than that by now! Obviously I asked who was contacting them and was told each time they’d no idea. This is pathetic to hear. But they weren’t pleased at being pestered by phone to answer questions about Farmers’ Markets. Well I was puzzled too. Wag Food have told me in no uncertain terms that they are not responsible for Farmers’ Markets, markets are the Councils’ responsibility.

So my only option was to do yet another FOI. But for those of you wishing to check wag’s website yourself, wag have given this reference ATISN 10199 but also numbered it ATISN10188, sorry for the confusion, but I’m only asking the questions! The response is as follows:

Thank you for your request which I received on the 15th February 2016 about research into Farmers Markets.

A copy of the information I have decided to release is enclosed.

1. Which company has the Welsh Government authorised to undertake this telephone survey?


2. Is this another evaluation on behalf of the work done by Fork2Fork?


3. Or is it a separate survey authorised by the Welsh Government?

The research is separate to the evaluation done by Fork2Fork.

4. Why are the Welsh Government authorising such a survey when they are not responsible for Farmers’ Markets?

The Welsh Government has a Programme for Government Commitment to “Seek to diversify and strengthen the rural economy by the promotion of Farmers’ Markets, the pursuit of new markets, the growth of cooperative marketing arrangements and investment in new equipment”.

We have commissioned research to inform policy in this area.

5. Did the company have to tender for this work?


6. How much is the successful company being paid for undertaking this survey and how many producers are thy obligated to contact and get a response from?

The value of the contract is £19830 including VAT.

The contractor was not obliged to undertake a survey or contact a set number of producers. To add value to the research the contractor has undertaken a survey to provide consumer input. 112 responded.

7. How many food and drink producers are being contacted?


8. What questions are being asked?

See attached document below for the questions. If you want a pdf of the questions asked – shout and I’ll send you a copy.

9. A copy of these questions would be required.

See above questions.

10. What happens to the result of this survey and when will this survey be completed?

Welsh Government will consider the outcomes and feed into policy if appropriate. Completed by April 2016.

11.What are the objectives of this survey?

To support policy development.

Well I can only hope you found this more helpful than I did. All I can take from this is a further waste of £20k given to a company, who are so far in wag’s good books, to be awarded yet another tender and to 381 producers being pestered by them. Amazingly only 112 producers could be bothered to reply, less than a third, so was that really worth £20k?

Just let me remind you that Fork2Fork, FBA, have been paid, as far as we can ascertain, around £1 .3 million pounds, if not more, to look after farmers’ markets, farm shops and box schemes. If Fork2Fork have done the job they were extremely well paid to do, why is another survey needed? Bear in mind  Fork2Fork’s ‘work’ was also evaluated, so what is the point of all this? If wag food is short of cash couldn’t they have found some value-for-money in a different project? I guess wag food would never take into account of producers being pestered by another phone call but you cannot ignore the fact that in many instances, producers had no idea who they were talking to . So what impact has that phone call had? So in that situation, are producers likely to be honest and constructive to this ‘unknown’ person and therefore how can they be honest with them? I think too many producers have lost trust in wag food, that’;s sad to say, but that’s my understanding of it, so from that stance they aren’t likely to be open and make this mini survey of any value.

I’ve just skimmed through the questions producers have been asked – all 22 of them with six names being given as interviewers and I cannot see why Fork2Fork haven’t been asked for this information, which they should have. Question 2 is have you ever sold your goods at Farmers’ Markets in Wales? well if they haven’t why are Wavehill ringing them? Where have Wavehill selcted their  381 producers from?

A copy of the information I have decided to release is enclosed – well it will not surprise you to know that I’m also interested in the information this person is not deciding to release!!!!!

Welsh Government will consider the outcomes and feed into policy if appropriate. Well that’s interesting, after spending £20k, if the government think this survey is ‘appropriate’ it wil be fed into policy – otherwise  guess it will be filed somwhere, never to appear again – but it’s only£20k producers, not a lot of money in wag land.


Food and Drink Wales Industry Board

03 Mar

There’s concern from quite a few of you, emailing and calling into our office and asking what is happening with the proposed Food and Drink Wales Industry Board. Well dear readers, if there was any constructive news about this board, I can assure I would have posted here on welshfoodbites and told our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers by email.

So unfortunately there’s no news at all, only a great deal of gossip. I last posted on this topic on 19th Dec and I’ve copied that post below so you can refresh your memories. The gist of the story to date is that people were asked to put themselves forward for this board, then have an interview, with the first meeting scheduled for the 8th December.

You’ll not be surprised to learn that not only was the 8th December meeting cancelled at the 11th hour, but no further meeting has since been arranged or held. As far as I’m aware, the Board, has still not been formed as we move into March.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you could never run a business like this  and at the risk of repeating myself once again,  communication, for me at least, is still the key. This industry will not exist without our Welsh food and drink producers still wag food insist that keeping them all in the dark is the best policy………………………………..

Of course my suggestions fall on stony ground and let’s face it wag food’s ground must be very stony – so we have no option but to wait and wait and wait. In fairness though, we must bear in mind that it must be a difficult job to put together a board to represent the food and drink industry! I was though told that over 40 people interviewed for this board. As one producer said last week, surely of those 40 people, there were a sufficient number whose faces ‘fitted’ with wag food, but seemingly not!!!

Whenever this board is elected – and when and if I’m told – I’ll let you know, but please don’t hold your breath!




I’m still being asked what’s happening with the proposed Food & Drink Wales Industry Board. So here’s the story:

The interviews took place as the government promised, with the first meeting of the board scheduled for the 8th December. We understand that those interviewed are still waiting to be told if they’ve been successful, as the Welsh Government cancelled their first scheduled meeting.

Apparently The Minister is still considering the proposal for Board membership; there is still some optimism, not quite sure where apart from government circles, that the Board will be announced early in the New Year with the first meeting held during January.

Well how do you sum this up? From my side I find it rather pathetic. You have hard-working business people who have take the time and trouble to apply for a board post, have gone along for an interview, then scheduled the 8th December in their busy diary – just in case they were successful, but now have to wait for a yes or a no sometime in the New Year.

However that is not all that concerns me. I’m also apprehensive as to how fair a representation of the Welsh food and drinks industry this board will actually be. Micros have expressed their lack of interest in this board because they simply haven’t time to put themselves forward. Although we have no idea who went forward for an interview, I’m sure there are few, if any micro producers; they simply haven’t the time to leave their businesses. This means that the micro sector, once more will be ignored, which wag food is so good at doing. My fear is that the board will comprise of Quangos and big businesses that are all more than capable of fighting their own corner. If any food funding is available, they’ll be the guys one the front row with their begging bowls held out.

When more news comes through I’ll post an update, but meanwhile I can only hope that my fears are unfounded, but…………………



Carwyn Reshuffles His Cabinet

16 Sep

Carwyn Jones recently announced his latest cabinet reshuffle. Not sure if you’ve heard about it or if it might interest you. But the only reason that I’m posting this is that I’ve actually been taken to task by email and by phone for not giving the news of the new Minister for Natural Resources Carl Sargeant AM and the Deputy Minister for Farming and Food Rebecca Evans AM. Edwina Hart AM remains as Minister for Economy, Science and Transport.

Whether these AMs will actually ‘listen’ to those involved in Welsh food and drink at all levels, of course remains to be seen, my suggestion is as always though, don’t hold your breath.

I’m rather puzzled why I should be ticked off for not posting this news, but I have my reasons for not doing so. The first is lack of time and that fact that I’m not paid to be a spokesperson or post for the Welsh Government – bearing in mind wag haven’t bothered to send me a press release about this. But as wag have now decreed I’m no longer considered by them to be a journalist I don’t expect anything from them. I’m now told if I wish to know anything I should go onto their website. As if! Secondly this is my food blog. It’s not classed as an official part of Welsh Country magazine, although I’m happy to have a regular banner advert in each issue!!! But when Ian is selling to potential Best of Welsh & Borders, (BOW) producers, he doesn’t sell welshfoodbites as not part of the package. Of course it’s mentioned – often by the potential BOW producer – as welshfoodbites still remains a huge talking point. Thirdly and something that I have to consider constantly, is that welshfoodbites is not, and has never has been funded, unlike many other Welsh food websites, and no doubt still are. That’s despite the fact that our website stats are excellent, but government paymasters/funders seemingly don’t take this into consideration, for some reason not classing web stats as relevant which is what I was told when fork2fork got further funding and an extension.  Welshfoodbites is proof, if proof were still needed, that there is a need in the Welsh food world for a website that informs and keeps producers in the food loop. Something wag food continue to fail to do. I also believe having the opportunity to be able to leave opinions on welshfoodbites, knowing that any personal details will be kept confidential, is important . After the constant battering I’ve been getting and I can understand that very few producers are happy to raise their heads above the parapet, so confidentiality is something I was determined I could promise to my welshfoodbites following.

There was one amusing fact though with those that have taken me to task, although they are all regular visitors, none of them ever leave a comment……………………………………………..



Nato Summit, Newport, Wales

05 Sep

I have just received a bulletin /new release from Clarence House saying: The Prince of Wales hosted a cultural evening showcasing Welsh food, music and people for world leaders on the first day of the NATO UK summit this evening. On the menu at the drinks and canapés event were classic dishes such as Welsh rarebit, cured Welsh salmon and goat’s cheese tartlet, and on hand to wash them down were local beers and wines from France and Chile.

Someone needs to give me strength this week before I scream.

Firstly I’ve not been told by wag food, not that that news will surprise any regular welshfoodbites readers, which Welsh producers had been selected to supply the Nato summit. Ian’s asked questions, but been told this event is being run by Nato. However good of Clarence House to give me some food news.

Now of course I’m delighted guests were served Welsh rarebit, but who’s cheese was used? Welsh salmon, but who supplied the salmon? Goat’s cheese tartlet which goat’s cheese producer was this? Now the reason I want these questions answered is that if the producers are with us on Best Of Welsh & Borders listing, then we can use social media to give them additional promotion, an extra service we offer, but is it worth it when it takes so much effort to get nowhere? Actually shouldn’t it be wag food’s responsibility to be doing just that?

But the crunch of course is wines from France and Chile. Don’t we produce wine in Wales? Silly me, I thought we had some superb wines here in Wales. Haven’t we got Drinks Wales that could easily have sorted this for Nato? Just how can Wales lose an opportunity to promote their own local food. Haven’t we known for years that this Summit was coming to Wales?

On behalf of Welsh food and drink producers, all I can say wag food is I feel you’ve let Wales down.



Food Action – Consultation

16 Dec

For some unknown reason this framework tender slipped under our radar, so my thanks to one of our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers who gave us the update about it. Figures for this framework are between £11m – £19m. I’ll leave you to give me your feedback………

Food Sector Development Framework

Published by: Welsh Government

Publication Date: 04/11/2013

Deadline Date: 16/12/2013

Deadline Time:14:00

Notice Type: Contract Notice


The Welsh Government Food Division are seeking to put in place a framework to provide a range of advice, guidance and project delivery across the following lots.
Lot 1 Trade Development Opportunities or Food & Drink Sector
Lot 2 Specialist Food & Drink Consultancy –Events
Lot 3 Specialist Food & Drink Consultancy – Services
Lot 4 Specialist Food & Drink Export Consultancy
Lot 5 Food & Drink related Research and Evaluation
Lot 6 Category Management – Retail, Wholesale & Public Procurement
Lot 7 Meet the Buyer Programme
Lot 8 Mentoring – Specialist Marketing & Business Skills Support
Lot 9 Programmes to support the Food & Drink Sector
The framework will be let for a period of 36 months with the option to extend for a further 12 months.
Please note that a bidder briefing day will be held in the Welsh Government Offices at Aberystwyth on 14 November.
To register for the event please send a message through the messaging section of the eTenderWales website through which this ITT is being run.
CPV: 73110000, 73210000, 73000000.

I cannot say that this is for the action plan that you are being consulted about, because it was known that this framework was coming up for renewal, but the timing is wonderfully coincidental!

I am far from understanding the total ways of government procurement, but this framework has been brought up over the past when I asked questions about why this work job was not available for tender etc.

It is supposedly a money saving exercise in that wag issued a tender such as this for various types of work, but at this stage nothing specific. So when for instance in the past wag required a consultation company, say to look at food festivals, it did not go out to open tender, but went to one of those already ‘approved’ by them – Miller Research who were on this framework list.

I understand the fact that wag wants to save money, but my past experiences are that this rarely seems to happen, and I can only see that this way the awarding of contracts makes them far less transparent. Certainly in the past it looked that wag’s favourite companies always got the work. For those regular readers of welshfoodbites I have already commented about this many times in the past……….

It does though appear that when wag decided what they are going to do after their ‘food and agriculture consultation’ launched at the Winter Fair, that all their favoured Welsh Quangos will be in place to do their bidding, ‘twas ever thus!

I hope that the consultation does bring change and I shall certainly be submitting comments and supporting those food producers based in Wales, especially those working with us on Best Of Welsh & Borders, many of which are the smaller artisan companies that make our range of Welsh food and drink the best there is. However I digress again. It worries me that change is not happening as quickly as it should be doing. There was a wonderful opportunity at the Winter Fair for wag to break down some of the longstanding barriers and mistrust that has been long-standing between them and the food producers. Despite there being a couple of meetings in the food hall where many suits and polished shoes were plentiful, but many without badges, I hasten to add. But there seemed a distinct lack of communication with the producers exhibiting. To me this should have been a priority, but not seemingly to wag. Proving again in my mind how out-of-touch they still are. This, added to the absence of some wag officials, in particular our new Head Of Welsh Food. There are too many to count that cannot actually believe that he chose to miss the Winter Fair. In my view that was a political and a promotional disaster and one that wag couldn’t afford. It was an error so basic as to be unbelievable, even in wag’s book.

The financial figures shown above figures cannot be more accurate as the framework will last for 3 years and not all projects are yet finalised. Supposedly many will not be formulated until the consultation has finished and your views taken into account, again a hope and by no means a certainty. Then obviously projects can be altered over the next 3 years.  This time of year is when we try and look forward with some renewed enthusiasm. As we come slowly out of recession, we should be looking at growth not survival, but this cannot and will not happen without all  parties co-operating. That must include food producers, of all sizes, plus manufacturers and retailers. It should also involve the likes of me on the sidelines, but as I continue to bang my head against the wag wall, it might not. I need to see and believe in a massive change in wag’s attitude and my optimism for this, which was there in the summer, is there no longer…………………………………….


Welsh Lamb – How Much Is Produced & How Much Is Exported?

24 Oct

I had a question sent into me asking details of Welsh lamb production, how much is exported and how much is eaten in Wales. I followed this question through only because it came from one of our Best Of Welsh & Borders, (BOW), producers and it is a service we offer them if they don’t wish to have their name put forward. So I sent the questions through to the press office to be dealt with as a Freedom Of Information request. The press office then sent them through to Hybu Cig Cymru, (HCC), Meat Promotion Wales. Follows is HCC’s response:

1 – What was the total production of lamb in Wales in 2012?

In 2012, 61,500 tonnes of sheepmeat was produced at Welsh abattoirs.

2 – What was the total importation of lamb in 2012?

In 2012, 86,100 tonnes of sheepmeat was imported into the UK.

3 – What was the total consumption of Welsh Lamb in Wales in 2012?

Total consumption of Welsh Lamb in Wales in 2012 was approximately 3,200 tonnes.

4 – What was the average deadweight of lambs produced in Wales in 2012?

The average carcase weight for a lamb slaughtered in Wales was 18.6kg.

5 – What was the average deadweight of lambs imported to Wales in 2012?

The data for the average deadweight of lambs imported into the UK from overseas is not available.

I have now passed the response to our BOW producer and suffice to say his comment on these figures, is not ‘of the tone’ that I could quote to you!!!

The one conclusion that I’ve made and is patently clear, is that the figures are not clear. Now you have to understand dear readers, that figures have never been a strong point with me so do bear with me. I’ve browsed through ‘Food and Drink Wales (published July 2013)’ where it states states that 34,000 tonnes of Welsh lamb is consumed in the UK and that 69,000 tonnes of Welsh lamb goes overseas.

Then onto the ‘Decade of Success’ an HCC publication, again from 2013, where it says 35% of Welsh sheep meat is consumed outside Britain.

Now even with my poor mathematical ability, these two statements do not agree, despite the fact that they are supposedly coming from the same source, HCC, within weeks of each other. To add to my confusion, if further confusion was needed, when HCC talks about exports, they tend to talk about monetary amounts of export, rather than tonnages.

Ploughing on further and trying the ‘HCC Little Book of Meat Facts 2013,’ there it states that per capita consumption of sheep meat in kg/person/year is 4.4. So if I take a rough population of Wales at 3.0 million, we consume 13,200 tonnes of sheep meat. But yet again discrepancies emerge, comparing sheep meat with that of lamb, but I think I can safely say that there is much more lamb eaten than mutton. So in Wales we eat 13,200 tonnes, but only 3,200 tonne of that is Welsh meat. Which, in my view is hardly a figure to be proud of.

HCC has a tag of Meat Promotion Wales, but I do wonder what this sub title actually means and wonder too why Wales imports  so much lamb? Perhaps Meat Promotion Wales doesn’t mean promote Welsh lamb in Wales, for Welsh people to eat, but enables HCC to be able to blow their trumpet on how much Welsh lamb they can export.