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New Applications For Welsh Food & Drink Board

02 Jun

I first posted on this Welsh Government proposed new board on 30th March and followed up on 30th April. If interested please check out both those posts, as this will save me repeating myself! The gist is that after asking for applications to join the board in March, when I understand about 40 companies applied and then some were interviewed. Wag then decided that the board composition wasn’t a fair representation and asked for more companies to apply. The closing date was 24th April.
But as we are now into June I’m being asked what’s happening and who’s been appointed. Sorry folks, but I’ve not been sent any news of the further appointments but we are all aware of how important Welsh food and drink is to Wales.

I’ve asked the press office today and if they have any information it will be sent around our Best Of Welsh & Borders producers and then posted on welshfoodbites.

Sorry for this delay, but as you are well aware that my ongoing message to wag and wag food hasn’t got through that communication is the key………………….